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Comment 16 Jan 2016

The players at the end of the first half was just standing there letting players run by and score than throw their hands up like there was nothing they could do. Few weeks back I would've said "growing pains" but this is a trend now. I'm fully capable of understanding the team is young but age has nothing to do with trying hard. Their offense resembles a scene from the show "The Walking Dead" where the zombies just stumble around. 

What confuses me more is the last three years the team just doesn't have any defined roles especially on offense. 

Comment 07 Jan 2016

Sam Hubbard was excellent in recognizing an opening gap thus using a technique to get past his defender. Many defenders at a lot programs would just go with the zone block to eat up space. OSU has done an incredible job in teaching their DL to think and be aware.

Comment 12 Dec 2015
Why does it feel in the last couple years whenever I turn a game on and Ohio State loses the other team is always shooting "lights out"? We just seem to never have a good shooting consistent squad anymore? Just not sold on shooting 20 plus 3's anymore when we don't even try for an inside game. We were solid when we had post play with Tank and Sullinger few years back.
Comment 12 Dec 2015
I realize this is a "young squad" but I'm now starting to think coaching has been not that good in the last 3 years. We can say "rebuild" all we want, but for all the hoopla over recruits, just not grasping how this team is to be he taken in judging what progress is. Just have a sinking feeling next 3-4 years will be a player/coach disaster.
Comment 09 Dec 2015
I'm done being pissed and just getting ready to emotionally stand behind this group of Juniors/Seniors that we will never see play together again. I live in Indiana and Notre Dame fans simply think they will not only demolish Ezekiel Elliott but beat us handly. Screw Notre Dame
Comment 18 Oct 2015
Is OC Tim Beck just winging it when calling passing plays? We have the WR's to take shots down the field. Everyone keeps thinking Devon Smith is the only WR to ever catch deep balls in the history of CFB but other teams are doing it. Marshall/Wilson are just wasting away as the season goes along. All this razzle dazzle being pumped in offseason and I'm just not seeing it with Beck as OC.
Comment 09 Jun 2015
Right now they are selling these tickets in special "package deals" with other games. Season ticket holders have already started placing them on websites starting at $158 ticket
Comment 09 Jun 2015
I was there as well. That was their fall break weekend. Fall break this year falls on following weekend.