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Comparing J.T. Barrett's Stats to Cardale Jones' Stats and Other Stuff

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January 25, 2015 at 6:31pm

In the discussions that followed Michael Citro's Why J.T. Barrett Will Be Your Opening Day Starter article I posted a chart that compared Barrett's 2014 stats to Jones' 2014 stats. Go here to see the chart.

There are two reasons I am not going to prognosticate who the starting quarterback will be for Ohio State in 2015. The first is that there is a group of men who work at Ohio State getting paid a lot of money to make that decision. I trust their judgement.

The second reason, one that many of you have figured out, is that I am not that smart. Instead of predicting the future, let's look at the past.

Below you will find three charts.


Chart One compares Barrett's last three games to Jones' three games. 

Chart Two looks at Barrett's performance against the toughest defenses he faced to Jones' three games.

Chart Three compares Ezekiel Elliott's rushing attempts and yards gained with each quarterback against top defenses.


J.T. Barrett's Last Three Games Compared to Cardale Jones' Three Games as a Starter
Barrett's Last 3* Category Jones' Last Three* "Winner"
38.3 Points Scored 47.7 Jones  +9.4
249.0 Rushing Offense 292.7 Jones  +43.7
228.3 Passing Offense 251.7 Jones  +23.4
477.3 Total Offense 544.3 Jones  +67.0
.575 3rd Down Conv. .488 Barrett  +.087
.800 Red Zone Scoring 1.000 Jones  +.200
Barrett: 1 THE EDGE Jones: 5  

*The stats above are from Barrett's games against Minnesota, Indiana and That Team and Jones' games against Wisconsin, Alabama and Oregon.

The offense performed better statistically with Jones as quarterback. Is that a result of the games being played in domes? Play calling? Quarterback performance? I don't know. What I do know is that Jones had the better numbers.



Cardale Jones' first three games as a starter were against defenses ranked 2nd (Wisconsin), 9th (Alabama) and 84th (Oregon). The top defenses Barrett faced were Michigan State (5th), Penn State (6th) and Minnesota (21st).

Although Barrett faced tougher defenses, I think it is safe to say that the magnitude of the stage that Jones had to play on, (B1G Championship, Sugar Bowl and National Championship) can arguably offset Oregon's 84th ranked defense.


Comparing Barrett's Performance Against Top 3 Defenses* To Jones' Three Games
Barrett Category Jones "Winner"
37.0 Points For 47.7 Jones  +10.7
258.7 Rushing Yards 292.7 Jones  +34.0
191.3 Passing Yards 251.7 Jones  +60.4
450.0 Total Yards 544.3 Jones  +94.3
.578 3rd Down Conv. .488 Barrett  +.090
.923 Red Zone 1.000 Jones  +.077

*Did not include Virginia Tech (11th) due to the argument of the offensive line not playing up to its abilities in week 2.

Again, the offense scored more points and gained more yards with Jones as quarterback.


Ezekiel Elliott played better as the season came to a close.

Ezekiel Elliott played better as the season came to a close.


The chart below was suggested by Gametime and shows the use of Elliott against the toughest defenses Barrett played* compared to the three games Jones played.

*Virginia Tech is not used.


Ezekiel Elliott's Rushing Attempts and Yards by Game With Barrett and Jones
Barrett At QB Carries Yards   Jones at QB Carries Yards
Penn State 26 109   Wisconsin 20 220
Michigan State 23 154   Alabama 20 230
Minnesota 18 91   Oregon 36 246
Totals 67  354    Totals 76 696
Averages 22.3 118.0   Averages 25.3 232.0
Average YPC   5.3   Average YPC   9.2


Elliott had nine more carries with Jones as quarterback in this comparison, but gained 342 more yards on those nine carries. When a running back averages almost 4.0 more yards per carry that is remarkable.

Again, did Elliott run better because of the line? Play calling? Opponent? Quarterback? I don't know. What I do know is that there was a marked improvement and Ohio State won the title.


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