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B1G better or worse after new hires?

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December 12, 2014 at 12:35am

Alright I haven't been as down on the B1G as some others. Sure we are not the strongest, but I think we are definitely better than the ACC and comparable to the B12. Besides us and MSU I thought we had a couple of okay teams that can be decent in years to come. Two of those were Nebraska and Wisky. I get wanting to improve and compete for conference championships but am I the only one who has a bad feeling about the future of both these teams? I would love to have our conference get more powerhouses but we really need those decent but not great teams like Nebraska and Wisky. If they fall I think our conference would take a big hit. Anyone optimistic about their futures? The new hires are crucially important but I don't know that they are going to find better than Pelini and GA. I didn't include TTUN because of their awfulness but feel free to cast your prognosis on them too.

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