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Blame Meyer for Barrett's injury

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November 29, 2014 at 4:37pm

ok im gonna say it right now and I don't give a shit if I get 1000 down votes or called an asshole.  I am totally blaming Urban and the shitty ass play call that led to Barrett's injury. It was 2nd 1 and he did the stupid ass QB keeper instead of giving it to Elliott for the sure 1st down. I hate that play with a passion. This goes to show that he has/plays favorites with his players and play calling. He relies way too much on the QB to make plays rather then the obvious hand off to his 1000 yard RB or even the simple end around with Marshall or Samuel. (And Fyl off the record, where the fuck was Marshall today?) with the way this game was called today, after the 1st TD, Urban should be ashamed of himself. And quite frankly he pretty much cost the team a playoff spot and even winning the Big 10 championship game.

theres my rant and I'm sticking by it. Very pissed off with the way the game was played and the end result. Criticize away!!!

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