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ND totally got the shaft from the refs in my humble opinion.

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October 19, 2014 at 9:18am

I watched the FSU/ND game last night because I had nothing better to do(my girlfriend is in Vegas-hold the jokes please, LOL), and I have to tell you, if I was a ND fan, I would be thoroughly pissed off. Notre Dame led almost the entire game, but Jameis played a good game, putting them ahead in the final minutes. This was a game that Notre Dame, surprisingly, led for most of it. ND got the ball with about 3 minutes left and marched down the field with the help of a few FSU penalties. They proceeded to score on 4th down with only seconds on the clock, on a short pass from Gholson to Robinson(I think), there is a flag on the field. And what is the flag for? I'm still not real sure, but Herbstriet said it was a "screen" by one of the other ND wide receivers. He explained that it was similar to an "illegal screen" in basketball. I know what that is, having played high school basketball. But when looking at the review, it looked like the ND player in question was just making a good block on the FSU defender. It didn't look like holding or anything like that. Anyway, the officials, IMHO, just handed the game to Crab Legs Jameis.  Horrible. If that had happened to OSU I would have probably thrown my remote straight through my sliding glass doors.

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