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Comment 24 Jun 2017

Let Bo and Kelly get into a cage and fight to the death. Whoever wins gets the job. 

Kelly already has the job. What's the incentive for him to get in the cage? Even HE can't be that stupid. 

Comment 24 Jun 2017

I hate defending that team, but I think a little consideration needs to be given to the fightin' Irishmen for their SOS, which is usually pretty strong.

Still bad stats for them, though. 

Comment 24 Jun 2017

Cautiously optimistic for next season,

Kind of off subject; was just wondering: has anybody ever been "cautiously pessimistic," for anything? I think I'm actually halfway between cautiously optimistic and cautiously pessimistic. 

I guess that would make me "cautiously meh?" 

Comment 21 Jun 2017
"Courageous," is 18 years old in Vietnam. Putting on a controversial t-shirt is in no way courageous. Who is this kid taking advice from, Jim Brown? That didn't work out too well for M. Clarrett.
Comment 21 Jun 2017
I am always amazed by people calling this "corageous." I think there are young men and women in our military over in Afghanistan that are "courageous." Wearing an inflammatory t-shirt to a sports camp is NOT courageous. Next you'll be calling him a hero.
Comment 17 Jun 2017
Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, says you should NOT stick your hand out to pet a strange dog, as some dogs will view that as an aggressive move/threat, and may bite you. Instead, ignore the dog, do not make eye contact, but allow the dog to sniff your butt so they get to know you before attempting to pet.