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Comment 29 Aug 2020

I haven't been reading a lot on this because I knew it would be a clusterfuk. 

But in my opinion, this was the plan all along from Warren and the others. They were waiting for the PAC 12 to cancel to give them an out. Warren and the B1G presidents thought(IMO) the dominoes would fall for the rest of the leagues after they cancelled the B1G's season. 

Boy, were they wrong!

Comment 20 Aug 2020

I'm wondering if Justin Fields is regretting transferring to the B1G, now? This is going to kill recruiting for years to come. Especially with kids from the southeast corner of the USA. They'll think we're not serious about football. 

Always faithful to the Buckeyes, but since they aren't playing, maybe it's time to have another team to cheer for. I have cousins that graduated from LSU. Maybe that's the way to go? Thanks, commish. 

Comment 10 Jul 2020

No MACtion this year? Seriously though, this sucks for them. 

Lou Holtz has some comments about all of this coronavirus stuff. He says, among other things, "How can we have a football season if they don't even want to go to school? 


Comment 09 Jun 2020

The WHO now says asymptomatic transmission is very rare. They thought others wise for awhile.

The whole economic shutdown was based on this now known to be erroneous assumption. I wonder if we’re going to now be told that social distancing and masks are unnecessary? Somehow I think we’ll still be required to wear masks for the next three years or until a vaccine is developed, in order to have the pleasure of shopping at Costco or Menard’s.

  • And only 20,000 fans allowed in Ohio Stadium at a time. 
Comment 07 Jun 2020
It's summertime and predictably Im seeing UM fans dusting off their ugly UM paraphernalia up here in the 419. It's their favorite time of year. It's that time of year when UM recruits, with all their false bravado, make false predictions based not on facts but emotion. It's the time of year when UM fans and B1G prognosticators ask themselves, "could this be THE year for UM(?)," only to be followed up with a question from Urban Frank Meyer, "Michigan's year for WHAT?"
Comment 02 Jun 2020

Cessation of violence would provide a better environment for conversations.

I support peaceful protests. The violence is unacceptable.

Agreed. What happened to George was unacceptable, horrible, disgusting and the cop has been brought up on murder charges, as he should. I believe most Americans of every race were appalled by the death of Mr. Floyd.

But looting and more violence is unacceptable as well and is not in any way honoring George Floyd or making it any easier to "have a conversation" about race relations. There can be no honest conversation until the continuing violence stops. I think the anarchists are hijacking the peaceful protests, unfortunately.