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Comment 19 Jan 2018

You guys are ruthless. I'm glad I could provide so much entertainment for y'alls. ;)

Comment 19 Jan 2018

I knew somebody was going to jump all over that. 

Comment 17 Jan 2018
Keith Jackson was, to me, another reason why I exclusively watch college football and not the sterile, professional version. His voice will live in infamy.
Comment 17 Jan 2018
I'd never heard that. I had always heard Keith and Bob were pretty good friends? Maybe the truth is somewhere in between?
Comment 13 Jan 2018
He was buds Bob Greise, who's son played QB for Michigan. I heard him unapologettically make negative comments about OSU, occasionally. I think that he thought UM got shafted in 1973 when Ohio State went to the Rose Bowl instead of UM. He was no fan of Jim Tressel. I think you may be right about WWoS.
Comment 10 Jan 2018

I travel a lot for my work in the country, and through small, medium and large towns. The baseball fields are mostly empty. Back in the 1970s when I was a kid, there were always kids throwing and hitting a baseball at nearly every park. Sadly, I think baseball is a dying sport. And I think football is dying a slow death, as well, between the recent controversies, concussion and targeting issues..., although not as fast as baseball. DJ is 100% correct, I believe. 

There will come a time when soccer will surpass all sports in America as the most popular; just not in my lifetime. But it's trending that way, it seems. 

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Loved the article on Taylor Dungjen, Toledo Blade reporter turned Toledo cop. 

People make fun of Toledo all the time. I've lived here 53 years, and it is a very nice city, but like any other, some areas have high crime and gang wars. It's not much different than Detroit, Cleveland, C-bus, Cincinnati, etc., in that regard. 

We have a GREAT museum and zoo, great metroparks and great minor league teams(Walleye(hockey) and Mud Hens(baseball). We're right on Lake Erie with great views, fishing, boating, partying(when there isn't a huge summer algae bloom, LOL) in the summer; hockey and ice boating, ice fishing in the winter, which are all great diversions for me until Ohio State Buckeye football season. :)