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A positive look at the Miller Medical Redshirt

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August 30, 2014 at 6:20pm

Miller's injury isnt a good thing obviously but you gota take a positive look at the outcome of Miller sitting out this year. gives everyone a year to mature & gain experience for a national title run next season. 


at the beginning of the season ALOT of people went on to say that Ohio State didnt have high expectations this season due to losing 4/5 of our Offensive Line, lost Philly Brown one of our main targets on offense, lost Hyde one of the top RB's in college football last year, Shazier, Roby & our 2 starting safeties. We lost alot of key players in key positions but still returned alot of talent & Miller, a Heisman candidate would be back. Alot of people said we have playmakers, but they were un-proven at WR, didnt have a RB that could separate himself from the pack, had no proven backup QB in case Miller would go down with injury, had weak linebacker play & lost 3/4 of our DBs. I read many of these different opinions through out different sites, social media sites, and talking to people I know, and hey they might of been right. 

Im always wanting OSU to win the national title every year, but do I think we will this year, no. I think we can still win the BIG Ten this year, but im not high on us being a national title contender this season. 

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