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Please Help....... To My 11Dub Family and Fellow Buckeye Fans........

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August 29, 2014 at 11:13am



Let me Start off by saying hello to my 11W family!, and thank you very much for what you guys do……  Every day I go to work, I always look forward to reading any new updates on 11W.com.  I love the skull session, Q&A or any type of Recruiting updates, which are always my favorite. You guys make my day every day and make the day go by really fast while at work (It’s Awesome). Sometimes you relieve some of my stress from some of the articles that I read on 11W.com and sometimes you also give me a lot of stress from some of the articles that I read on 11W.com, but nonetheless its always awesome to read…… I always get hyped when I hear good news about a four or five Star recruit committing to the good guys and get really bummed out when we lose out on a good recruit, especially when I feel that we had a really good chance at getting one.  Most recently I was pretty down when Jamal Marcus left because I know the kid has great potential and would have been a good asset to the team.



My name is Hector Diaz and I am from Corona CA and I have been an Ohio State Buckeye Fan since November 25, 1995.  I became a Buckeye fan in the weirdest and most bizarre way.  November 25, 1995 was one of the worst days of my life but at the same time became one of the best days of my life…  November 25, 1995 was the horrible day when The Ohio State Buckeyes were playing TTUN in Anne Arbor.  That was the day that Tim Biakabutuka ran for 313 yards against the good guys.  At that time I was a fourteen year old kid who really did not know much about football much less college football.  My dream growing up was to be a professional baseball player and to play for the LA Dodgers, But on this day of November 25th of 1995, some how some way I am in front of a Television in my living room at 9:00 Am just scanning through channels and I come across a football game on ABC.  This game that I came across had an awesome Pre game 1 minute film on the history about both teams and once I seen that 1 minute skit, I knew I going to be watching “The Game” in its entirety.  Because I was so new to this Game/Rivalry/College Football I did not know who to root for. I did not know who was who and what was what. All I knew is that one team was Blue and Yellow and the other team was white and grey.  As I am watching the game, it became apparent that it was going to be a long day for the Buckeye defense as Tim Biakabutuka was just Bull Dozing over the Buckeye Defense…..  I remember watching that whole game in my living room feeling so bad and so sorry for the Buckeyes because of the destruction one person in Tim Biakabutuka.  I remember feeling physically sad because the Buckeyes lost “The Game” and actually ruined my whole day….. All I could ever think about throughout that whole day is “The Game” and how The Buckeyes lost.  I also remember feeling so sad that I told myself that from that day forward I will now root for ‘The’ Ohio State Buckeyes and be a Buckeye fan….


That’s how I became a Buckeye Fan (Weird Ha)



On October 13th, 2007 I finally got to experience an Ohio State Game for the first time.  Ohio State was hosting Kent St. in the Horseshoe and even though it was a blow out it was one of the best moments in my life.  I finally got to experience what the tradition of Ohio State is all about.  I got to see two of my Favorite Buckeyes of all time, James Laurinaitis & Chris ‘Beanie’ Wells Live.  The whole trip from LA to Columbus was so awesome, I was like a kid in the candy store.  I was accompanied by my wife who was my girlfriend at the time and even though she is a wanna be USC fan, she was definitely blown away by the atmosphere, the support and the love that the Ohio State Fans give to their Buckeyes.  The whole atmosphere from beginning to end is like no other, I can assure you that there is nothing like that around here is SoCal at the Coliseum or the Rose Bowl.  Being in Columbus and experiencing that with my wife was one of the best moments in my life.   My main goal is to be able to experience a scUM beat down at the Horseshoe with my Family…..



This year! Which is the main reason why I am emailing 11W.com, I am making the trip back to Columbus for a game against VaTech on September 6th.  This trip will actually be a much more special trip then the last time even though the last trip was a trip of a life time.  I have a stepson by the name of Isaiah and the reason this trip is a much more special trip is because me and my wife have finally saved up enough money to make it a family trip instead of a couples trip like in 2007.  The kicker is that Isaiah has no Idea he is going to Columbus and we are going to make it a surprise on the day that we fly out, which will be on Wednesday night September 3rd.   Even though he is my stepson I still consider him as my own (he’s a good kid), especially since his father has never been in the picture.  When I met my wife in June of 2001, Isaiah was three years old and had no Idea who the Buckeyes were.  Over the years he has seen me bleed Scarlett & Gray and root for the Buckeyes which is when he started becoming a Buckeye fan himself.


In 2004, I suffered my first anxiety attack and found out that I suffer from Anxiety & Depression…. There have been some low and dark days in the last ten years with the anxiety and depression that I go through, and over the years it has been a struggle to cope with but overall I’ve been able to control and maintain it.  I would always use my family (Mainly my Mom and my Sisters) and sports to get me through the tough times.  Now that Isaiah is sixteen years old and is now going into his senior year of High School, we want to make this a memorable year for him and start up his school year with a bang by surprising him with this trip to Columbus  in September.  Now over the Last few years we have learned that Isaiah also suffers from Anxiety & Depression as well and there have been some sad and depressing moments for him as well.  Dealing with Anxiety & Depression is hard enough even as an adult but when you see your son dealing with it as well, it really feels like little needles being poked in your heart when you see him in that situation…  Isaiah like myself kind of uses sports to get him out of those dark moments.  He is a big Buckeye fan thanks to me.  His favorite players are Braxton Miller & Dontre Wilson on the Current team and he also likes Troy Smith, Terrelle Pryor and Tedd Ginn Jr. from previous teams.  He has seen me cheer for the Buckeyes ever since we’ve met each other, so that’s how he became a Buckeye Fanatic like myself.  In addition to liking the Buckeyes, He also Likes the Lakers, Yankees & New York Football Giants….. His favorite basketball players are Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson & JR Smith…..  It’s always a joy to see him happy even if it’s through sports….


(September 3, 2014) “The Surprise Plan”

On September 3rd we plan on surprising Isaiah about the trip to Columbus at the very last minute.  The plan is to treat that day as a regular day, For Example me & my wife are going to go to work as scheduled but getting out a little early around 3PM.  Isaiah gets out of school at 3PM and is usually home by 3:30 PM which is around the time that me & my wife should be home by.  Keep in mind that me and my wife will already have all of our stuff packed & ready to go and my wife will also secretly pack some of Isaiah’s stuff to have them ready to go as well.  Our flight leaves LAX at 11:05 PM and the plan is to be at LAX by 9:00PM.  In order to do that, we would have to leave our home in Corona at about 8:00 PM, which means that we would have to surprise Isaiah about the trip at about 6:00 PM.  This will give him a couple of hours to pack up his remaining things for the trip…… (and on our way we go to Columbus Ohio for an awesome time).  Ironically, we have a layover in Detroit, just miles away from where Tim Biakabutuka made me an Ohio State Buckeye Fan……  and you better believe that I will be wearing my Scarlett and gray through that airport…….   This should be fun….. I’m Excited, my wife is excited, I know that Isaiah is going to be absolutely stunned and will be in disbelief but at the same time extremely excited as well……  This will be good…….


(11Warriors Help)

Now the reason I am reaching out to 11W.com is because I need help once I get there to make this an experience of a lifetime for Isaiah……  I know how to get there and I know how to get to the game but I need places to see and things to do for three days, where we can all have a ball. I get there at 9:47 AM on Thursday morning and will be flying back to LAX on Sunday Morning at 6:55 AM. I was thinking, who better to ask then my buddies at 11W.com who provide us with these awesome articles for Buckeye Nation to read……. J.  So I was wondering, Since you guys are in Columbus and know about everything that’s in Columbus.  Maybe you guys can help me and direct me in the right direction on what types of activities that we can do, places that we can see, restaurants where we can eat at….  If you think that there are other things that we can do that you think that Isaiah might like, we would definitely love to know….. I’m just asking for your guy’s help to make this a special trip for my boy….. I’m sure you guys are busy with work, family and things of that nature but just know this, your help is greatly appreciated.   If you are not able to help, its ok., No Worries……  I will still bleed Scarlett & Gray, I will still log into 11W.com every morning and read your awesome articles and we will still beat the scUM out of scUM every November….




I want to Thank You For Everything You Do.  You Guys Do A Great Job……  I Just Kind of Wanted To Share Our Story With You…….


P.S. Please Excuse my grammar, I know it’s not good

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