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Comment 05 Aug 2014

The song is the worst part of this video.......

Comment 19 Jun 2014

Why does it feel like we are settleling for the 3 Star Recruit based on one day camp performance... I do pay attention to recruiting but I cant say that I study it or know alot about it but I do think that I know Enough......  I feel that were settleling for the 3 Stars just to get our numbers up especially if there from Ohio instead of getting a higher quality 4 star or posible 5 star recruit......  I dont know, maybe its just me and someone can help clarify this for me.......


Dont get me wrong, Im happy for the kid (Denzel Ward).  He is in a much better position then I ever was coming out of High School and i'm Sure UFM and Co. are going to help develop his skills and make be the best player that he can possibly be.....  But I feel that we are settleling......


at the end of the day, what do I know...... Im just a guy that works in a Office and read Buckeye news and updates all day.  I know UFM and Co. know what what there doing.


Go Bucks!