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August 26, 2014 at 1:07pm

Note: This is my first Forum Topic post so critisize it, hate it, love it, take it with a grain of salt if it pleases you.
Im watching B1G and beyond on BTN and they're having a discussion about the SEC and B1G, i didnt know this but i guess weve been going at it with them since the 1930's. From 1936-1997 (The Poll Era) the SEC claimed UPI Coaches poll 12 times while the B1G claimed it 11 times. So as the SEC Dominated this last decade of Football the time has come for the B1G to move forward and hit them hard. We have an early chance to do it as early as this saturday when The Badgers take on LSU and a very young inexpirienced QB. out of the 3 Bowl games that pitted B1G against the SEC this past year we went 1-2 with the 2 losses being close. Iowa a middle of the Pack B1G team was in it till the end against LSU an SEC powerhouse. This is the year to assert ourselves against the SEC, and as a Buckeye I WANT THEM BADLY! This is the year the SEC crumbles and I want our team to be the one to drive the stake through, and i want Bama in that championship!

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