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2 Tix for VT Game

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July 31, 2014 at 7:43pm

First off, 11w staff, I apologize if this isn't cool. Just let me know, or pull down the topic if that's the case.

I have an extra pair of tix to the VT game. I'm trying to price them competitively, but the service fees on Stubhub are ridiculous, which means both the purchaser and the buyer get screwed. If someone on here knows a place I can sell them without exorbitant fees on both ends (10 percent both ways on stubhub!), please let me know. 

I would sell them to someone on here if they are interested, but I don't wanna post my email address to the whole site. Is there a way to do private messages?

The seats are in section 19C.

EDIT: I just set up a new email account for this, so if anyone wants to inquire email brooklynbuckeyeburner@gmail.com

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