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Uhhh, what the hell?

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July 23, 2014 at 8:44pm

So I was watching the Finnebaum show today for the first and last time ever, and he had the Ole Miss and Miss State coach on as guest today. Something I found rather interesting is the fact that Hugh Freeze continually reffered to Ole Miss as "THE Ole Miss" and Dan Mullen refers to Ole Miss as The School/Team Up North and refuses to call them by their actual name. I know he was a former Urban assistant, but stealing something from Woody Hayes and THE Ohio State University is uncalled for. Im literally just finding out about this today, so forgive me if this is common knowledge. 


"The acronym TSUN came from Mullen’s refusal to say ‘Ole Miss’ or the University of Mississippi by simply calling them “the school up north” from day one. And after a 45-0 beat-down at the hands of Ole Miss in 2008, there was a long way to go for State to regain its footing. But Mullen came up with a huge coup when he beat the #20 Rebels 41-27 in 2009. Two years later, MSU has its best Egg Bowl winning streak in 70 years."

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