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Are we underestimating M*ch*g*n?

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July 3, 2014 at 11:07pm

Does anyone else have the feeling that they could be really good next year? Before you start asking yourself if I'm under the influence of mind-altering drugs, hear me out. They lost five regular season games and, despite having the worst offensive line I have ever seen in a high-major cfb team (of 125 teams they were 109th in sacks allowed and 115th in yards per carry), they were inches from being 11-1 at the end of the year. Only in one game (MSU) did they get flat out curb stomped. All four of their other losses came by a combined 11 pts (or 2.75 ppg). The o-line didn't have to be good, if they just had a damn pulse there is a huge chance UM ends the season 11-1 (including beating us in AA) and takes our place in the Orange Bowl. Plus when you look at the way they lost, the freak plays in overtime to Penn State, Iowa's second half comeback, a last second interception in The Game, they were in every single game they played right up to the last seconds (minus the MSU game).

If that o-line gets better (and believe me, there is NO WAY IN HELL they will have an o-line that bad for a long time to come), and Devin Gardner can get just a little better UM will not only be a good team, they will potentially be a contender for the not only the B1G, but a darkhorse for the first CFB playoff.

I know you all will laugh at me now, but call me in November and we'll see who's right.


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