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Tressel Treasures

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February 9, 2014 at 5:48pm

I , like many others on this site, probably follow recruiting more than all other subjects not Ramzy related. This I don't know about the rest of you, but I absolutely still feel Coach Tressel was the best thing to happen to Thee Ohio State University football since Woody Hayes,                        .

That typed, don't get me wrong. I am more than confident UFM will replace this feeling one day, just not today. UFM did wonders with Coach Tressel talent. Not even certain The Senator himself would have went 24-2 the past 2 years with his team. So in that regard, I give UFM all the props he should have.

However, let's look at the current situation as it stands. When we take the feild in Baltimore next year, the tip of our spear will still be a 'Tressel Treasure". Braxton. The majority of the OL protecting him will be a Tressel recruited lineman.

I love Meechy,(great insight/maturity from the article the young man wrote), yet realistic veiw point dictates that he will be on the depth chart behind behind Elflien, Boren, Underwood, Brown, Farris & Price the day he steps foot on campus. Jamarco Jones will be a back-up to EVAN LISLE. Who, as we all know is behind Baldwin, & Dodson. Jamarco & Meechy can work into that depth, yet it will be one hell of a feat if either starts day #1 in Baltimore.

Let's look at the possibilities of starters, starting day, shall we ?


QB: Braxton (And I think a 3rd year removed from HS Cardale (6'5" 250) Jones will be #2 no matter how many of you have dubbed J.T. Barret as 'next'. Remember, Cardale didn't come to Thee Ohio State University to, "...play school."

RB: EzE is looking like the fave. I'm not giving up on the Ohio boys though.

OL: Decker(UFM), Elflien, Boren, Underwood/Brown, Baldwin. That's even better than Meatloaf because 4 outta 5 ain't bad.

WR: D. Smith an E. Spencer if healthy, if not, M. Thomas.

TE: Heuremann & Vannet

DL: Hale & Bennet inside. DE belongs to UFM, unless Steve Miller takes a starting spot.

LB: Perry, Grant & Tray Johnson (UFM)

CB: Grant & Reeves (I know, I know !!! UFM though.)

S's: Tyvis & Vonn.

That's 7-9 starters on offense, & 6 on the defensive side. Ladies & Gents, I give you...

Tressels' Treasures.


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