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UC president tweets "Dayton wins" immediately after OSU game, deletes tweet after UC loses

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March 20, 2014 at 5:31pm

Immediately after the final whistle blew, this popped up on UC president Santa Ono's twitter feed:

Santa Ono Deleted Tweet

Funny thing is, if you check out his profile now, the tweet is conspicuously absent.

Also, for a person who has no connection to Ohio State athletics, he sure tweets a lot about Ohio State athletics. He tweeted this one a few days ago

And after UC's 42-7 win over Purdue this football season, he took to Twitter, making sure to mention that Purdue took "undefeated Ohio State" to overtime last year. I tried to find that one, and could not. Perhaps he deleted it after we beat Purdue 56-0 this year.

Granted that these may not be his actual tweets, since many presidents use student interns and staffers for their social media, but he certainly has a larger Twitter presence than most university presidents.

He is also quite fond of the #HottestCollegeInAmerica hashtag, as well as #JustSayin, which are, as you know, fixtures in the vernacular of prominent figures in academia.

Of course, the Bearcat Inferiority Complex is a real affliction, so Ono is really just catering to his audience here, but deleting that tweet is still pretty hilarious.

Jen Bielema must be so proud, as the #Karma is strong with this one...


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