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Comment 1 hour ago

So you don't think Ohio State is the best team in the country? 


Just calling attention to that – it's a predictive model about what team is the strongest rather than going purely on resumes like the CFP polls do. People here lost their minds this summer when FPI had Ohio State lower than expected and called ESPN biased for it, now they're silent on it saying that, according to the metrics it considers, OSU is the best team by far. 

Comment 4 hours ago

 Sure, it’s a made up metric, but so is FPI and QBR.

You mean FPI, the formula that has Ohio State in the #1 spot by a wide margin? 

Comment 4 hours ago

Also OSU is number one in ESPN's FPI right now but hey the narrative

Comment 13 Nov 2019

According to his own statement, yes.

Which would make it a violation of the NCAA guidelines on accepting personal loans without getting them cleared by the university first. Their relationship began after Ohio State contacted Chase Young for recruitment purposes. 

There's no gray area here, Chase Young messed up and broke an NCAA bylaw by not first clearing the loan with compliance. The issue is how lenient the NCAA will/should be given that he was in good standing and paid the loan back.

Comment 13 Nov 2019

He threw a salacious claim out there without any supporting evidence other than "here is what people have told me." 

This is different than, say, the Columbus Dispatch running a piece based on anonymous sources, because real publications have editors and get that stuff passed through legal, so they can back up what they publish without giving up their sources. Zach Smith is a guy with a podcast who will say anything to stay in the spotlight.

Nobody can disprove any of what he said, but there's no supporting evidence to prove it, either. Is it a plausible theory? Sure, but there's no evidence to make it anything more than that right now. 

Comment 13 Nov 2019

Joshua Perry said this in his weekly piece: 

He's really in trouble for not getting the loan "approved" by the compliance department up front. The compliance department wants to know who is lending the money (and their relationship to the athlete), how much the loan is for, the terms if the loan (the interest rate, term...), how the athlete plans on paying it back (What money and how long). This applies to a student athlete getting an auto loan (can't have players driving BMW's paying $100/mo) or anything like that too.

So, yes, players can get credit cards, auto loans, etc., but they have to get them cleared through compliance first to ensure that they're not getting improper benefits based on their status as athletes. 

This would all be easily solved by the NCAA going to the Olympic Model for athlete name/image/likeness. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Zach Smith will say anything for publicity, and saying James Franklin reported it is a hell of a lot more salacious than saying it was Maryland. 

That which can be asserted without evidence can also be dismissed without evidence. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I'm not even sure that tipping OSU off to Chase's loan should even be conflated to what we all understand "whistleblowing" to actually mean. That said, when it comes to actual whistleblowing, having an agenda is irrelevant.

If you hate your boss because your boss is a dick, find out that your boss is committing fraud and wait until after you get your Christmas bonus to blow the whistle on the fraud, your are clearly acting in self-interest and not altruism. Does that mean that you shouldn't blow the whistle at all? 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I hope that Chase gets reinstated just as much as the rest of you do, but let's not pretend that he didn't break the (admittedly dumb) NCAA rule.

NCAA Bylaw

“a student-athlete may receive a loan from an established family friend without such arrangement constituting an extra benefit, provided: (a) The loan is not offered to the student-athlete based in any degree on his or her athletics ability or reputation; (b) The individual providing the loan is not considered a representative of the institution’s athletics interests; and (c) The relationship between the individual providing the loan and the student-athlete existed prior to the initiation of the student-athlete’s recruitment by the member institution.

Even if the person who loaned Chase the money has no affiliation whatsoever with Ohio State, the fact that Chase met this person (according his own statement) after Ohio State began recruiting him means that the loan is against NCAA rules.

Chase having repaid the loan doesn't absolve him from taking it in the first place, although it should give him a good case for leniency. 

Saying that the whistleblower didn't have facts or made an assumption is itself an assumption coming from somebody who doesn't have the facts (because none of us do). The whistleblower isn't the problem, the rule itself is (as well as Chase violating that rule, no matter how dumb of a rule it is). 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

One of my relatives was a federal whistleblower so my perspective on this might be a bit different than most, but a whistleblower's motives are irrelevant provided that they are reporting something that needs to be brought to light. Any whistleblower incident can be framed as "the whistleblower just wanted [person] to get in trouble" – which, duh, but that doesn't change the action they're blowing the whistle on. Which is to say that intent doesn't matter.

Now, that's without getting into the NCAA violation itself, which is dumb as hell to begin with and is simply another reason why the NCAA needs to, at bare minimum, adopt the Olympic model so that athletes can capitalize on their name, image and likeness. 

Comment 11 Nov 2019

Rex Ryan's no stranger to having a foot in his mouth – just noteworthy that it's his own foot this time. 

Comment 05 Nov 2019

That's more of a game theory thing than expected points, but conceptually it does make way more sense. 

Comment 05 Nov 2019

Frequent onside kicks....doubt it.  The success ratio is so low

The college game has always adapted rules for player safety and increased scoring earlier than the NFL. Completely possible that they implement the Schiano proposal at some point.

  • Kickoffs replaced with 4th & 20 (since kickoffs have higher injury rates and low variance of outcomes)
  • Punts instead of kickoffs, or a normal play instead of an onside kick (since onside kicks are pointless)
  • Option for trick plays/fake punts to replace surprise onside kicks
  • Possibility for blocked punts
  • Punters and long snappers become more important 
  • Who doesn't love a good punt? 
  • Bad people, that's who 
Comment 03 Nov 2019

Y'all joke but I've never understood a kid's decision to spurn OSU more than that one. 

Comment 31 Oct 2019

Yeah I mean obviously I'm not a nutritionist and those could've been completely legitimate unmarked bags of pills or whatever, I have no way of knowing, but the dumb guy part of my brain thinks that might be the whole point. Plausible deniability, baby! 

Comment 31 Oct 2019

Once overheard a former Alabama player talking about how they'd just give those guys bags full of pills without saying what they were and that there was an understanding that you take them and don't ask questions. 

Stuff like this probably happens everywhere. 

Comment 31 Oct 2019

The helmets, socks and cleats really made the whole thing. 

I personally love those ones more than the regular black alts, they're up there with the cocaine whites and the 2011 throwbacks with my favorite alts they've worn, not counting the ones they wore down the stretch in 2014, which should be the full-time unis. 

Comment 31 Oct 2019

Anyone who thinks 538 is not good because of that one instance (where something that they gave a 30% chance of happening actually happened) clearly doesn't understand how statistics or probabilities work. 

Comment 30 Oct 2019

You're making two false assumptions here: 

  1. that Cowherd actually believes this shit 
  2. that Cowherd even watches CFB to begin with 

It's all for ratings. People don't remember good takes. Every mainstream sports pundit (at least the ones that don't just stick to one league) are blowhards with horrible takes. It's all by design.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Right, and Cowherd spews hot takes about every single sports league.

Has there ever been a sports pundit who has good takes about every single sports league? Nope. The only real experts out there are the ones who stick to one sport and study it relentlessly. 

There aren't enough hours in the day for Cowherd, Wilbon, Stephen A., Kornheiser, etc. to watch every game AND put out a show. They're on air to promote their own names and do what their network wants them to (in this case, prop up Klatt). Their producers manufacture talking points that will draw attention, good or bad. And sports fans have thin enough skins to actually take it seriously.