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Comment 18 Jan 2020

We don't agree on much but you are completely right with this take. 

Sites that cover OSU report everything through an extremely positive lens, because if they didn't, people would stop reading their stuff. He insinuates that UGA is paying its players, yeah one of his sources may have told him that, but it's not like he's rat out OSU if they were doing the same thing.

I'm not saying that OSU is definitely paying its players, but… this stuff is always done by boosters and alumni who aren't *officially* connected to the program, and let's be honest, with that criteria, OSU's pool of potential bagmen is far bigger than the schools that are playing a game that OSU supposedly doesn't.

Any evidence that schools like UGA pay their players (i.e. Darnell Washington moving his girlfriend out there) is circumstantial at best. The name of the game with bagmen is plausible deniability (here's a good read on it). People lost their shit when Derrick Henry was driving a Dodge Challenger at Alabama, but when I was at OSU (early 2010s) all of the football players were driving similar stuff – with a BMW or two mixed in. 

If OSU is playing the bagman game, the only people who would be able to report on it are people like Birm, who would then burn every single source that they have in the WHAC as well as the majority of their readers. Why risk it? 

IMO it's pretty likely that every big CFB program does the bagman thing, including OSU. It's wishful thinking at best to think that OSU is somehow the one squeaky-clean elite program in the country. 

Comment 18 Jan 2020

Darnell Washington is moving his newborn and teenage girlfriend from Las Vegas to Athens for "daycare."

That's an issue with UGA boosters and NCAA compliance and not with Darnell Washington. 

He's 18 years old and has a newborn, is he supposed to just say no to whatever booster/bagman offer he got to move his girlfriend and kid out there? Seems like a pretty sweet deal that any young man with a kid would say yes to, right? 

Comment 17 Jan 2020

System or not, Joe Burrow just had the single best individual college football season for a quarterback, and maybe for any position, ever. 

Comment 15 Jan 2020

2016? Jerome Baker, Raekwon McMillan, Chris Worley – they were pretty good!

Then Bill Davis dropped a Call of Duty tactical nuke on that defensive unit the next year, of course.

Comment 15 Jan 2020

…have you just not read comments since then? lol.

I've been a regular on these boards since 2012 dawg. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Clearly (according to the allegations, at least) the current players and coaches either don't understand the gravity of that whole debacle or flat-out don't care. 

If it's a lack of knowledge/perspective, they should all undergo some serious training (seriously, who the fuck jokes about Jerry Sandusky, let alone in the building where he preyed on children for decades). If it's a lack of compassion, the university needs to push them all out and begin to correct the culture. Again. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Exactly. Also:

One of the players accused was even given a lie detector test, which he passed.

Not a lawyer or anything but aren't lie detector tests basically meaningless? 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

They made jokes about Jerry Sandusky, in the same facility where Jerry Sandusky abused dozens of children, while playing on scholarship for the university that had its image ruined by Jerry Sandusky.

…and being upset about that is 'snowflake' material? Grow the fuck up, dude.

Comment 14 Jan 2020

None of those players should ever play for Penn State again, and Franklin should be fired for not dealing with the hazing if these allegations are proven. 

Before someone says I'm being the PC police, they're making jokes about emulating a monster who abused dozens of children in the same facility where he did those crimes – which shows an absolute lack of empathy or respect for the victims or even for their own institution. It takes a special kind of asshole to make those jokes at all, let alone at the scene of the damn crime while playing on scholarship for the university whose image was so severely damaged by Sandusky just a few years ago. 

As for Franklin, well… he was hired what, three or four years after the dust settled from the Sandusky stuff? How does he tolerate Sandusky's name being uttered in those halls ever again – or his crimes being joked about! – on his watch? What horrendous judgment for not immediately putting a stop to that. 

Penn State clearly didn't do a good enough job at correcting the culture of their football program after enabling decades of abuse if their star players are making jokes about the worst scandal in American sports history just a few years later – and without being punished by the university's highest-paid employee. 

Comment 14 Jan 2020

Reminder: These forums had an absolute fucking meltdown last offseason because FPI had OSU way lower than human polls. People said it was evidence of ESPN's supposed anti-OSU agenda. 

Turns out it's just a flawed data prediction model and not something that ESPN cooked up with the sole purpose of smiting the Buckeyes, who could have guessed! 

Comment 09 Jan 2020

A few of my favorites from the last few years: 

Obviously the end of Endgame is up there but this Marvel moment deserves some shine. And the Creed montage is one of my favorite movie scenes ever. 

This scene from The Big Short is just absolutely phenomenal.

Best Star Wars scene since the Empire Strikes Back

MI: Fallout is the best pure action movie of the last decade imo.

The most under-appreciated spy flick from the last decade? This one, easily: 

They had to destroy SO many laptops to get this shot right: 

Finally, I'm a sucker for anything Edgar Wright does. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Desmond is NOT bad at his job according to ESPN

What I'm saying is that OSU fans simultaneously rip Desmond for showing bias and blast Herbstreit for *not* showing any. 

Desmond's job is different than Herbie's job, though. He's there to add entertainment value. Herbie is there for analysis (which is why Herbie goes in the booth for game broadcasts and Desmond doesn't). 

Herbie wouldn't be better at his job if he threw OSU a bone every once in a while, and he doesn't owe that to the fans, either. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Integrity and professionalism isn't determined by one's rank in corporate hierarchy. If you honestly believe that, that is one of the most blinkered and willfully elitist/arrogant pov's I have encountered on this board. 

You know I don't believe that. 

The argument that Herbstreit should be more publicly positive about his Ohio State fandom because there are other guys in the media who do it is a flawed argument because his role is different (and bigger) than the people the fans want him to emulate. 

Rank in a corporate hierarchy isn't an indication of professionalism, no. Neither is outward support for your alma mater, especially in Herbstreit's role where he is supposed to be an objective observer. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

He should simply comport himself like Jim Jackson, Clark Kellogg, Joey Galloway, Robert Smith, James Laurinaitis, and Chris Spielman

Herbstreit is at the top of his field. Those other guys, while they are very good at their jobs, are a few steps below Herbie on the corporate ladder. You're asking him to emulate people who are less successful in their shared field than he is. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Herbstreit argues very hard that 2 loss Georgia should be in the playoff over 1 loss OSU before Georgia got whooped by Texas.

  1. Georgia lost that game to Texas by one touchdown. 
  2. Ohio State lost by 29 to a very meh Purdue team that year
  3. Georgia had two losses by a combined 27 points (36-16 @ #12 LSU and 35-28 against #1 Bama)
  4. Herbstreit was far from the only media personality to have the opinion that point #2 was a bigger black mark on OSU's resume than #3 was on Georgia's
Comment 05 Jan 2020

Herbie's sons playing for Dabo says more about Dabo than it does about Herbie.

Did his sons have PWO offers at Ohio State? I'm not sure if they did. Clemson is likely the biggest program that offered that. And I wouldn't blame them for wanting to go there – I toured their campus back when I was in high school and decided right there that it was my dream school… but it was too far away. Ohio State ended up being a far better experience than what I would have expected and I can say confidently that it was the best option for me, but let's not pretend that Clemson wouldn't be a great place to go to school.

Anyone complaining about his sons going to Clemson is assuming that 1) Herbstreit made that decision for them and 2) that he can't support/be proud of his sons while also continuing to do his job. 

Comment 05 Jan 2020

Herbstreit being as publicly upset as he is shows that the fan base absolutely fucking turning on him has caused him great pain, which illustrates just how much he cares about Ohio State. 

Herbie isn't anti-OSU, but with how badly this fan base has treated him (for doing his job!), well, I wouldn't blame him if there's some resentment there. I love Ohio State and am proud to be an alum and a Buckeye, but this fan base is just flat-out embarrassing with its persecution complex.