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Comment 07 May 2019

A few that I like, in no particular order:








Herman (unpopular opinion but still appreciate what he did here) 






Comment 27 Apr 2019

Ohio State always avoids these type of players every year..tyjon, Maurice Washington as an example

I don't think you can really say that OSU 'avoided' a guy who was committed for most of the cycle. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

The fact that this even needs to be said – let alone that it's being downvoted – is an absolute joke. 

I'm good with people shit-talking his on-field production but I draw the line at laughing at his damn learning disability. And people here get on Michigan fans for being pretentious. FOH. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Commented this above, but scores that low can be indicative of a learning disability, which is far more common than people think and also not at all indicative of a person's actual intelligence. 

But because the internet has poisoned all of our Big Football Boy brains, everyone ends up laughing their asses off at guys who have learning disabilities this time of the year. 

Comment 22 Apr 2019

Wonderlic gazing is a fool's errand, as is shitting on players who get low scores. 

The most infamous example of a player getting a low score was Morris Claiborne getting a 4. Fans and writers started cackling at Claiborne and at LSU and said that he must be one of the dumbest people on the planet. Turns out Claiborne has a learning disability. To someone with that kind of learning disability, well, reading-based tests are an uphill climb – and low scores in that case are in no way indicative of the person's intelligence. In hindsight, kind of an asshole move to laugh at him, right? 

Say what you will about low Wonderlic scores, but whenever I see someone score really low, I usually give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it's related to a learning disability, since those are more common than you'd think. Not exactly something they can control, and definitely not something to laugh at someone over. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

They've practiced like, five times this spring, lol.

I've seen zero notes about punt formation or kickoff personnel so it's possible he's on there.

'Earning it' on special teams doesn't always apply when it's a super talented skill guy. Did JK Dobbins ever play coverage? Don't think so. 

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Not a big deal imo. 

  1. OSU's tight end usage isn't super heavy anyways.
  2. They'll be in 12 personnel maybe 5 snaps a game 
  3. Cormontae Hamilton may not have been super highly rated, but he fits what Yurcich likes at that position anyways, and the new redshirt rules mean that he could fill in for four games if needed. 
Comment 15 Mar 2019

This may sound crazy, but I bet Thanos doesn't really show up until the third act. 

He finished his mission, he's living in peace on his farm now. I bet that the Avengers try to undo the snap (and partially succeed) and he shows up at the end trying to stomp them out. 

Comment 15 Mar 2019

The "Thanos is no match for her" thing is mostly fan speculation, but yeah, she'll probably be more of a supporting player in this one. 

Not sure why people think her powers are better than Thanos, given that literally another Avenger got their powers from an infinity stone (Scarlet Witch) and Thanos had no trouble with her. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

1. Players would rather not be paid and be able to play college football video games with their likeness (as opposed to not having the games at all)

My hot take: both of these things (compensating athletes; having a video game) aren't mutually exclusive and should both, in fact, be done. 

Whether it's the Olympic model (endorsements, etc), a stipend or both, athletes should get additional compensation on top of the value of their scholarship/food/training/housing.

Another hot take: The "they're not playing for free, they get an education and room/board!" argument is some seriously flawed bullshit that willfully ignores a few additional factors. What the average student pays for tuition and housing isn't what it actually costs the university to enroll/house them – it's far less – and even if it was, at schools like OSU the average football player is providing far more value to the university than what the university is giving them. 

Yes, they're getting coaching/training/networking opportunities, but they're still under-compensated and they're putting themselves at risk for serious injuries and CTE as well. Other students don't do that. Give them additional compensation and call it hazard pay. 

Comment 11 Mar 2019

Some related fuego takes of mine: 

  • People will overrate Haskins based on NFL success and a crazy finish to the season, but he had some rough games (TCU, Penn State, MSU, Purdue, Nebraska) where he struggled against pressure and had inflated stats due to screen passes, etc.
  • A healthy Braxton Miller would have won the 2014 Heisman + Natty and cemented his place as the best QB in Ohio State history
Comment 11 Mar 2019

 Ohio State could've one two more National Titles if Urban benched JT Barrett

Hell, I'll go one better.

Ohio State wins multiple national titles if Urban doesn't phone it in when hiring assistants after the 2014 title. (Schiano, Beck, Davis, Grinch, Taver) 

Ohio State wins multiple national titles if Urban was willing to make serious schematic updates/adjustments before they cost him an actual game (pass defense in 2013, pass offense in 2015/16, swiss cheese defense in 2017-18, run game in 2018). 

Ohio State wins multiple national titles if Urban doesn't lose the killer edge he showed in playcalling at Florida (far more offensive creativity, more punt block attempts, etc). 

If Urban cuts Zach Smith loose after the 2015 season (or sooner), the receivers don't hold back the offense in 2016-17, the latter of which had Ryan Day calling the plays. 

Comment 15 Feb 2019

I'd be pretty surprised if the settlement is purely financial, given how long it took to get to this point. Kapernick may not be on a roster, but it's unlikely that he'll ever truly be hurting for cash (plus he's donated a TON of money to the charitable causes). Parts of this settlement could come in the form of protections for other players' free speech actions, a league-wide commitment to the communities that he's protesting for, etc. 

Comment 15 Feb 2019

Not that anything that anyone posts here will change anyone's mind on this issue, but I feel like this is worth mentioning:

Kapernick's original protest was sitting during the anthem. A veteran (and former Green Beret) spoke to him after and convinced him to kneel instead, saying that it would be more respectful. 

That part of the story is seldom mentioned when this issue is discussed – but he literally changed the means of protest to something that, according to a veteran who he met with, would be more respectful. NPR actually did an in-depth interview with that veteran that's worth a read. 

Many see this story as Kapernick wantonly disrespecting veterans – this often-excluded part of the story goes against that narrative. 

Comment 30 Jan 2019

Yup. People throw around the "without the electoral college the Republicans wouldn't win national elections" thing – and it's true that Bush Jr. and Trump wouldn't have won their elections if the system went by popular vote – but if we had a system where everyone voted and popular vote was the only thing that determined elections (and I think that'd actually be the most fair system, fwiw), it's a misnomer to say that, in this hypothetical, one party would never win again.

What would happen – and what always happens – is that when cultural political beliefs begin to shift, the parties tend to also change their stances. Both of the parties would likely still exist – and in the long-run, be on fairly level ground – but obviously would continue to shift their policies in order to gain votes.

Also, it's REALLY hard to change how we determine national elections (hence not changing the system for 236 years), so if it were to change to a popular vote, we'd also likely see something like ranked choice voting added in as part of the reform, which would lead to having viable third-party candidates and eliminating the opportunity cost of voting your conscious. 

Anyways, with populations shifting to bigger cities, etc., rural votes (in state and federal elections) will have far more weight on an individual level similar to how Wyoming is now, and the gap will only widen in the coming decades unless there are some serious changes – and those changes would require the cooperation of states like Wyoming, which wouldn't be in their best interests.

But anyways uhhhh Go Bucks. 

Comment 25 Jan 2019

Which is bullshit. He was down to USC and Texas and Kliff Kingsbury ended up being the deciding factor. A few weeks later, he bolts to the NFL before coaching a game for USC. 

I think USC should help him get immediate eligibility at Texas.