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Death to the "Grumble grumble Thad Matta grumble grumble" threads...

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March 14, 2014 at 5:30pm

can we officially put to rest that there's anything wrong with anything Thad Matta. Whether it be "why does this guy start over that one" or "Thad should try this line up" or "we need to recruit shooters". with our win over Nebraska this will make 6 straight Big Ten semifinals for us, that's right, 6. do you know how many Ohio State had made it to before thad? Three... That's right, three. that's in the history of the Big Ten tournament. The man knows what he's doing, he doesn't need you're suggestions. Sometimes I feel we are a bit spoiled as a fan base. We don't realize how good we have it, and when you have an up-and-down year like this one, it's easy to pin the blame on the coach, when sometimes the cold hard truth is it's the players fault. Thad can draw up the best place in the universe, and it won't matter if the players don't execute. today proved that when it matters he gets the job done, so if everyone could stop their whining about anything he does everytime we have a bad night, that would be just wonderful. Aaaand end rant...

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