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Lineup Twist: McDonald

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March 14, 2014 at 8:30am

This is going to sound absolutely ridiculous at first, but hear me out:

There are plenty of times in a game where we go with Marc Loving as essentially our 5. What if we came out and had Williams at 5 and McDonald at the 4?

My first reaction to this was: Wouldn't this slow our offense down ridiculously, and essentially prevent us from scoring since we seem to score like half of our points off of fast breaks?

But I actually think that McDonald in the game at the same time as Amir would increase the pace of the game for the Bucks.  With both McDonald and Williams, the chance for a defensive (and offensive) board is a lot more likely.  A quick outlet to Craft/Scott and we could easily have a three man break going the other way. Sure, we would get fewer steals, but teams like Michigan State and Indiana manage to find ways to fast break off of made shots, much less just steals.  Having both bigs in would allow our guards to leak out a little more, giving us more opportunities to run the floor.

Offensively, McDonald provides nothing but the occasional offensive rebound, but often , thats more than Scott will provide for minutes at a time.


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