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Taking in the numbers

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March 12, 2014 at 12:07pm

Just a little information I thought was interesting, as the Buckeye basketball team having not yet scored a basket, has In my humble opinion scored something already going into tourney time.

We all know of the bad losses no one expected for this team, Penn State - 2, Minnesota - 1, Indiana - 1, and Nebraska - 1. We go on the road and beat a good Wisconsin team, a decent Iowa bunch, we split with Michigan St., and go 0 - 1 against the regular season champion TTUN ( Ugh, at home ). So we keep the wins, and win those games lost, we are 15 - 3, and co-champions. I know, I know, if a frog had wings.

 Also, the truth is Nebraska (11-7 ) DID win more conference games than we ( 10 - 8 ) did, and if we play switch this loss with that win it still comes out the same.

 Something else that caught my attention as points this team may off the court is this.

First, OSU RPI is #24, and their SOS #15 overall, in a conference whose combined RPI, is #2 in the country ( The Big 12 was #1 ). They BEAT a team, Wisconsin, with the #6 RPI and #2 SOS, and lost to TTUN #9 RPI AND #9 SOS. Michigan State was right behind OSU, with Iowa and Nebraska, both in the top 50 of RPI & SOS. http://www.warrennolan.com/basketball/2014/index.

Against the top 4 teams in the conference ( OSU was 5th ) we were a combined 3 - 3, throw in Iowa who finished 6th, in the conference we are  4 - 4, this from an often offensively challenged team ( Again I know, I know Penn State ? ).

With the BIG Tourney starting tomorrow, I find positive points as OSU is #1 in win percentage .710  ( 22 - 9 ) with 4 first and 4 seconds, and Thad Matta #1 in coaches win percentage .792 ( 19 - 5 ). ( Look for Quick Hits, click on BIG Ten Tournament Records @ http://www.bigten.org/sports/m-baskbl/big10-m-baskbl-body.html

In the NCAA last year we played three teams who this year are ranked as #16 Iowa State, #4 Arizona, and  #2 Wichita State. A top group with two of them rated in the top 5 this year, of whom 2 of 3 we defeated, losing only to Wichita State after erasing a large deficit, while falling short in a valiant 2nd half effort. I forget how many shots we missed in the first half of that game, but there were a few games last year similar to games, or moments suffered through this year. It's just we dealt with way more of those moments this year.

To me last year was a feeling of "hope we do not lose the offensive identity starting with Deshaun Thomas (sp) on down"  while this year was " hope we establish an offensive identity with anyone".

 So as a great defensive basketball team, that is often offensively challenged  enters tournament time, I think this might be said of them. They can NOW play with anyone, anywhere, anytime, and with a slight up-tick in offense ( especially late game free throws ) they WILL win.

So here goes my predictions for the BIG, at worst we play TTUN, at best we play for the championship.The NCAA, I roll the dice and feel sweet 16.

Yes, I am feeling some big Buckeye love today.

( If necessary tomorrow, I like my crow well done )


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