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February 12, 2014 at 1:33am

Amir Williams is not a Div 1 player. He’s large, un-athletic and that is all that he is.. Trey McDonald is slightly better and should getting a least 20 minutes a game. Thad is so afraid that Trey will foul that he stubbornly refuses to play him. I don’t care is he’s 3 inches shorter. Next years class has no decent post player. All guards and a jump shooting forward. And a center that is considered a project The next issue I have with Matta is that Ross would have been developed last year instead of when he’s junior you would have a much better player and team. Ross should have been playing 17-18 minutes per game last year., not 6-8 minutes a game. It made no sense not to develop him last year.

Good thing Thad is a great recruiter b/c unfortunately he’s average at everything else.

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