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Comment 01 Jan 2017

Thad's offense has always been based on catch and shoot 3 pointers.

It's has no rhythm bcuz u get that from dribbling b4 the shot. Again for 6 years in a row Thad has no big man that has post skills, which means catching the ball w/ ur back to the basket and making an offensive move.

He needs to resign if he doesn't make the tournament

Comment 17 Dec 2016

You are right Brutus. Archie Miller. The offense has no rhythm 

or continuity. Thad tried to make Evan Turner a point guard (which he wasn't)

and now he is doing it again with Lyle. dude is not a pt guard.

Comment 11 Apr 2014

Hopefully the University has realized this is just a glorified practice and keep the tickets at $5.00 for a long while. I already bought the 12 dollar tickets. 


They will always try to get as much $ as possible. It's a big business.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

Phoenix 824,

Respectively, his non conference minutes would not be included if you are looking for his Big Ten average, which i stated( in my previous post) is what i am trying to find. I was going on my guess from of watching every Big Ten game regarding his minutes. But I will see if i can find every box score in Big Ten games and average his minutes for 2012-2013.

Comment 28 Feb 2014

Amir williams has no post presence offensively...none. He can dunk & he can lay the ball off the glass. He can't put the ball on the floor.  I have seen him try without any success offensively.  Please let me know what post moves he has offensively? 

A total whiff has a recruit

Comment 12 Feb 2014


Amir is a 6'11' guy with absolutely no moves moves. He can dunk and lay the ball

of the glass. OSU has no post presence whatsoever.

Comment 12 Feb 2014


I meant in Big Ten play. My mistake, we all know Matta plays everyone in pre-conference games. Minutes in big ten play show you how much Thad trusts a player. His minutes last year in conference play were 6-8 per game.