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Alabama QBs Are Bad

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October 2, 2023 at 5:26pm

What's up with Bama QBs? Why are they so bad? Smh, nobody should draft or trust a QB from Bama. To wit:

Bryce Young. Stinks. Game is too big for him. Dead last in QBR. 

Mac Jones. Stinks. About to get benched by the Pats. Not good at football. 

Tua. Good player. Tip of the hat to him. Probably won't last the season. 

Jalen Hurts. Not a Bama player.

OK, I admit - this is really more of a tongue in cheek post, intended to get at the OSU QB critique. But seriously - I have heard how Bama is great at producing NFL QBs and OSU stinks, and I look around and... I don't see much difference at all! Sub in Haskins, Fields, Stroud (and Burrow as Hurts) and, well, you get largely the same results.

Heck, Lincoln Riley gets lots of credit from people and he has Mayfield (stinks), Murray (serious doubts, has shown very little), Hurts (great - but shared project), Spencer Rattler (playing in his 8th year of CFB). It's tough being a QB in the NFL, and it's tough translating from great in college to great on Sundays. 

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