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CFP Expansion to Arrest SEC Power Grab

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January 13, 2022 at 8:21pm

This past year the SEC won the CFP college football playoff for the 3rd time in a row-- and no, it's not just Alabama-- it's Georgia and LSU too. The SEC has an amazing win-loss record of 12-3 against other conference teams in the college football playoffs.

How to fix it?  Expand the playoffs.  It's not a short-term fix, but will bear fruit in the long run. Why isn't it happening immediately?  Parochial and short-sighted commissioners at the Pac-12 and Big Ten.

That is what columnist Dan Wetzel also opines in this article below, and before you cut the tongue out of the messenger, here are some key bullets:

-- "Stop having tight ends from the Napa Valley [California] head to Georgia or quarterbacks from L.A. go to Alabama or ..."
-- "The Pac-12 hasn’t had a single entrant in the tragically flawed four-team playoff since 2016, how do you blame West Coast kids for leaving?"
-- "The four-team playoff was so small, that it choked off interest in most places while elevating it in others."

Key Is Recruiting. And it's getting worse.
-- "In the Class of 2022, 37 of the top 101 players... are headed to just three schools – Alabama, Georgia and Texas A&M."

Spreading the Bowl Wealth.  It's not just Ohio State having a more meaningful game against Utah.
-- "Games such as this year’s Michigan State vs. Pitt bowl game would have been huge local events and big national television draws in a playoff. It would have celebrated and showed off two great seasons by two often overlooked programs."
-- "Had the 12-team format been in place... the Big Ten would have secured the most bids"

Boon to Big Ten Ignored.  Why?
-- "What are the commissioners of the Big Ten, Pac-12 and ACC doing with a 12-team playoff proposal sitting on their doorstep like an unwrapped gift?  Screwing it up."
-- "The Big Ten is hung up on whether the six automatic bids should go to the six highest-rated conference champions or the so-called Power-5 leagues plus the best of the rest (a distinction with hardly any practical difference).

So while our Kevin Warren is taking a stand playing checkers, the SEC is playing chess-- and winning.
-- "The SEC, meanwhile... keeps popping championship champagne and signing the best players with the status quo. 'I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but we’re doing very well in the current system,' commissioner Greg Sankey quipped."

Read it all here at this lnk:

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