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The Top 60 College QB's in the 2000's

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February 26, 2021 at 10:44am

That dreaded sports media outlet that we all hate has put out a ranking of the top 60 college QB's in the 2000's. If you're interested, here is the link:

I didn't really read the criteria, but it certainly doesn't include NFL success because Aaron Rodgers is #56 and Mahomes is #54, but you can go over to the article and read the criteria if interested. 

We've got a couple of Buckeyes on the list: Troy Smith at #31 and Justin Fields at #27. The top 5 were: #1 Baker Mayfield, #2 Cam Newton, #3 Vince Young, #4 Tim Tebow, and #5 Joe Burrow. IDK, doesn't it seem like Tebow should be a clear #1? 

For Fields, the reason he is #27 is because the 2020 season was shortened and he essentially was only a starter for 1.5 years. For Troy, he got knocked down a few pegs because of the NCG vs. Florida. Fair is fair. 

The one glaring omission from the list is JT Barrett. I know that there are OSU fans who didn't like the way our offense was handled with JT (was that Urban's fault more than JT's?) but to me, you can't leave JT off of this list. His stats and winning percentage dwarf most of the other guys who made the list. Hell, Shoelace made the list (I actually respect that guy, he was a baller and a stand up dude, but if he's on the list, JT definitely belongs). 


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