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NCAA Basketball Scandal HBO Documentary - The Scheme

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March 31, 2020 at 9:47pm

HBO is currently airing "The Scheme," which is a documentary featuring Christian Dawkins and his tethering nodes that influenced NCAA basketball. There are always two - or in this case, multiple - sides to the story and you can come up with your own verdict, but this is a fascinating story as to how this specific pay to play scandal came about a few years ago. Will Wade, Izzo, Sean Miller, Rick Pitino, etc. are all *seemingly* implicated, as we knew from the FBI investigation. The different factions involved make everything extremely complex. The FBI investigation in itself could be a whole new documentary. We all will never know the true inner workings of college recruiting, but a little bit of insight into college football would be fascinating. Basketball recruiting may actually be a little more influential to agents, however, because of the brand deals associated with first round NBA picks.

Regarding Ohio State, it must explain as to why Thad was so fed up with the BS in the recruiting world.

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