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Gary Moeller and Other Turncoats

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March 14, 2020 at 6:00pm

I have been watching more of ESPN Classic than normal and there have been some past editions of The Game on the schedule recently. 

There was one game I saw briefly where they mentioned that TTUN Head Coach Gary Moeller had been a captain at Ohio State.  I had totally forgotten that.  (Perhaps a senior moment on my part.)

Reading stuff online about Moeller, I saw he had a relationship with Bo going back to his college playing days at Ohio State in the early 1960s when Bo was an assistant coach—and that relationship accounted in large part for Moeller’s rise in the coaching ranks (to ultimately becoming the head coach up in Ann Arbor).

I realize there are guys who have coached in both Columbus and Ann Arbor.  But, I am blanking out on this: was there ever anyone else who was a captain at one school and then ultimately became head coach at its arch rival?

There is something that really bothers me about this particular combination.  It just seems like practically the ultimate betrayal of your roots.  I mean, I can’t begin to imagine, for example,  Mike Doss succeeding Jim Harbaugh no matter how much money they offered him.

Last, but not least, I hope everyone is managing OK in these trying times, especially the people on this site who are in my old geezer age bracket with health conditions and are at the highest risk.


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