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November 19, 2019 at 11:52pm

For whatever reason I tend to have a decent idea of who will be a good pro QB, and who won't be.  Took a lot of heat here when I said Daniel Jones was far better than Dwayne Haskins, and now here we are.  

A lot of people are discussing Tua as if he just missed his chance to be #1 in the draft.  I think at best Tua is/was a borderline NFL starter.  Guy can't throw a player open, and most of his throws are hitting wide open guys.  Burrow is 10x the QB - literally throws guys open, makes all the reads, moves well, etc.

BUT...all that aside...I'm watching Lamar Jackson (who has like 22 games left in his career), and thinking to myself, "Why don't teams just take the running QB, and try to win for 3-4 years?"  

I thought the same thing with Vince Young.  I knew he sucked ass, but whatever.  Then he gets to the league and they try to make him a pocket QB. Why? In this day and age you realistically have 3-5 yr windows, unless you somehow get really lucky with a legendary QB.  And those guys are HARD TO FIND!

Take the running QB, the Jacksons, the youngs, RG3s, the Kaepernicks, and LET THEM RUN!  If they get crushed, so be it!  Who cares?!?!  The Niners almost won with Kaep and he was garbage..but he could run.  People thought RG3 was great because his running opened up the passing, and then it didn't...Lamar Jackson will be done in 20 games, max.  But who cares?  He MIGHT win a Superbowl this year.

But why draft this "franchise QBs" when if you fail you get set back for years?  I mean, the Browns, aren't they starting over AGAIN?  

If you don't get Fields, or Lawrence, or Burrow (all studs, IMO), draft a couple of dudes who RUN and kinda throw.  This idea of finding the franchise guy and getting it wrong is all backward.

Think the Rams and Eagles are confident?  

I don't.  They were counting trophies two years ago.  Now it looks bleak. 

(Off soabrahx).

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