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Comment 29 Mar 2020

He looks good.

He ain’t these two 

Comment 28 Mar 2020

First off, I don’t think you know what blue blood means. If you did you’d know why OSU isn’t one.

Second, lacrosse is a relatively weak sport played by 2nd rate athletes, and it requires a base level skill set.

Third, I was asked to try out in the early 90s having played only a little growing up and there was a good chance I woulda have made the team. Which gets back to point 1, and my belief in point 2

Comment 28 Mar 2020

They both look real good

 both much better looking than Edwards

Comment 27 Mar 2020

henderson looks better than edwards.  He's a lot more dynamic.  

Edwards looks like a big kid playing against children, and that's not necessarily hard to do.  The competition looked weak.  Looks talented, and can't blame him for the competition.

Henderson looks like he can do whatever he wants to avoid people, and accelerate.

The only reason I care for Edwards is the idea he'd goto Michigan, and Henderson wouldn't.  So it's win win.  But I'd rather have Henderson with the ball facing off against Edwards.

Henderson is the guy we want. 

Comment 19 Mar 2020

Well I certainly won't make a post about that guy NevadaBuck because I don't want to upset NavyBuckeye.  I know that's out.

Also realize, your delivery guy is going to more random houses than anyone, and COVID-19 lives on cardboard and plastic.

Sorry to ruin your situation. 

Comment 17 Mar 2020

At one point SW steak gave me the best steak I’d ever had and then they lost their edge. I’m sure they got it back.

let me tell ya, Delmonicos in NYC is incredible as are most steak spots in NYC or they’d go under. Like Vegas.

strip steak in the village is great.

and there used to be this classic NYC restaurant called knickerbocker. Awesome vibe and steak.

Comment 17 Mar 2020


had the brunello, 2010, of course 

but mine was at Trattoria Mario in Florence. Wife is vegetarian and she let me go twice.

close second was a ribeye at a place called Stack Inside the Mirage.

 No exaggeration, I’ve been to almost all the NYC and Vegas sports and that steak at Stack was to die for. The Chef had just left SW Steak at Wynn and it was his first special entree.