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Comment 16 hours ago

If true, this brah, and all these other brahs, are bunch of bras.  I mean, have some effing guts already. Maybe don't make it about you for once?  This era is the goddamn worst. You never heard about this all the time in the past because kids STUCK IT OUT.  They weren't told "YOU'RE THE BEST!  YOU NEED TO PLAY!"  They waited their time, and if they were good enough, they had their chance.  I mean, you don't think Matt Cassel could have transferred?  


Comment 10 Apr 2019

I've watched every throw he has ever made, brahgge.

And nothing in my take would point out that he can't throw. 

Geno Smith could throw.  

I don't doubt his ability to be a good QB, but he's not nearly as good as Murray is RIGHT NOW.  

And lets not pretend the Big Ten has these vaunted Defenses.  Pat Mahomes and Baker Mayfield look alright...

Comment 10 Apr 2019

All you conspiracy theorists haven’t a clue.

murray is great because his footwork is incredible, and I’m not speaking about his ability to run.

Haskins has questions because his footwork is poor.  He can’t find time in the pocket. He has all the physical gifts but he lacks a natural feel to avoid negative plays. That’s why he MAY fall. 

Someone may think they can teach him, or he can learn it, but others may think it’s too big a risk.

best scenario for him is he falls to 20+ and lands behind a Phil Rivers or Big Rape.

either way he’s not ready to start now and it’s evident, hence the possible slide. 

Comment 01 Apr 2019

Around here you can’t see one negative thing about a Buckeye player unless it’s EXTREMELY obvious like Dwayne Haskins isn’t a burner. But I still believe despite his vision, arm and intellect in college, he lacks a few things which make him a sure fire pick. And as a Giants fan I wouldn’t take the risk at pick 6. Maybe 17, but not 6.

Now I know you brahs have to hit the down arrow because you struggle with someone’s opinion, but this is my belief.

i think DH has very bad footwork for a pocket passer and if he plays in Year one he may get killed. I still maintain Murray is far superior despite the size and I even like Jones. Dwayne has tremendous upside but he needed another year at OSU.

hopwfully I’m wrong.