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B1G PickEm Challenge: 14 in 14

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August 20, 2019 at 1:13am

So, here in Los Angeles, several displaced B1G fans and I play a game.

As you know, there's 14 weeks in this regular season (12 games + 2 byes), and 14 teams in B1G.

So, here's the rule for this fun game

  • Each week, pick one team to win and one team to lose
  • You have to pick each team once to win and lose (ie, can't pick a team win twice)
  • Thus, each week you present one win pick and one lose pick.  You get a point if your pick holds true.

There's 28 total picks, the highest total wins.

It's harder than you think.  When will Rutgers/Illinois win?  When will OSU/Michigan lose.  How will the B1G West fare when there's not much of a hierarchy there (other than Illinois is awful).

 Trying to map out the entire season is challenging; I mean, there's only 4 games in week 10.

Play the game, it'll be fun!

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