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Transfer Rule Suggestion

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January 16, 2019 at 2:36pm

OK, so obviously this transfer stuff is getting out of hand. The waiver process is silly and scouring other schools' grad class grid to find classes conveniently unavailable at your current school so you can grad transfer is farcical as well. The NCAA pretty much grants all the waivers anyway so what is the point? If you want to prevent essential free agency, which is where it looks to be heading while decreasing the mudslinging between player, program and the NCAA itself I suggest the following:

Similar to the 4 game redshirt rule, a player would have to enter the portal by Game 5 of their team's current schedule. If they enter the portal, they must sit out the remaining games of the season, but they are immediately eligible at the next school the following season. No questions asked, no lawyers, no arbitrary grad class song and dance. This A. Spreads around the risk so that the transfer has disadvantages to both the player and the school, and B. Incentivizes everyone to try and work things out instead of emotionally charged spur of the moment post season decisions and C. Allows teams to still recruit from the fully available class instead of post-early signing day when you've pretty much addressed all of your position needs, and finally D. Allows players to make a purely business decision free & clear without having to trash their previous school or coach if they would have only done it to achieve their hardship waiver or falsify their experience just to make it look like they are escaping awful condiitions

What do you guys think?

PS I'm not trying to debate paying the players, or how easy it is for coaches to move from school to school. Just trying to talk about the transfer rules for players only. I'm sure there is something I'm not thinking of. Let's hear it!

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