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Watching ND Fail Spectacularly Will Be Fun

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November 28, 2018 at 7:39am

The more I think about it, the more it pisses me off that ND is even getting into the playoffs.  They've set themselves up with a huge advantage over every other team fighting for a spot and everyone has just accepted it.

  • Play  a weak ass schedule with a bunch of one score wins - check
  • Don't have to play a conference championship - check
  • Get an extra week of rest before the playoffs - check
  • Get in as the 3rd seed to boot - check

There's a whole load of bullshit to unpack here and it's a fucking shame that they are even allowed to - no, encouraged to - do this.

You see if ND wants to get in with all these advantages, it should at least be required that they be dominant across their entire schedule.  Struggling with Ball State, Vanderbilt and Pitt... and down 10 at one point to a flailing USC team... shouldn't cut it.  You get the advantage of not having to play in a CCG, you should have to at least leave no doubt that you belong.

And the fact that they can even go into the playoffs as the 3rd seed is a fucking disaster.  First of all, it's not even remotely fair to Alabama who will after beating Georgia deserve the top seed.  The top seed should get the weakest team.  Between Oklahoma, Ohio State, and ND, who do you think Alabama would pick to play in the semi-finals?  It's ND and they wouldn't hesitate  a second with that choice.

So no matter who gets in between us and OU, that team should be placed as the 3rd seed over ND.  I don't care to try to make this case for OU but I can make a very compelling case for Ohio State, even with a loss to Purdue.

First of all, if you switch our schedule with ND's, I don't think we lose a single game and I am damn sure we beat Ball State, Vandy and USC more convincingly than ND.  I'm not so sure that ND gets through our schedule untouched.  Let me see ND play TCU week 3 with Wimbush.  I don't think they win that game.  I'm not even confident ND could have walked into Purdue under the same circumstances and got out with a win.  I think ND is a 2-3 loss team with our schedule.  Matter of fact, let me see them play a full strength michigan team last week like they played USC.  They aren't walking out with a win and certainly not putting up 62 on 'em.

When it's all said and done we'll have TWO common opponent data points with ND.  They beat a barely budding michigan team 24-17.  The beat NW 31-21.  So if we go out and crush NW and under whatever circumstances get into the playoffs, how do they justify ND as the 3rd seed?  Ultimately it doesn't matter because whether they play Bama or Clemson they are going to get railroaded, but still, it's a fucking joke.

But you know what, I'm going to take pleasure in seeing them get absolutely demolished, and they will get demolished.  And then maybe, just maybe ND will be forced into having to play by the same rules as everyone else does.  

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