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Big 12 Defenses STINK

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November 23, 2018 at 10:32pm

  Pretty amped up for tomorrow to watch Jim Harbaugh get saddened once again.  Until then, I'm getting my football fix watching this Oklahoma vs. West Virginia game.  Currently, the score is 35-35 halfway through the third quarter.  Everyone knows that Big 12 defenses are absolute garbage... But why??  They're recruiting the same players that everyone else is, yet it seems like every Big 12 game is a shootout.  Every Big 12 team since the beginning of time has a high-scoring offense & a high school defense.  The amount of missed tackles and blown assignments is astounding.  We think our defense is garbage, but Oklahoma is giving up almost 40 points a game in conference.  Does anyone have any theories on why Big 12 defenses are so brutal?

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