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Jay Bilas ESPN Article on Recent Scandal and Paying Players

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September 28, 2017 at 1:10pm

I read Jay's article(

He essentially says the problem will continue because of the money issue in D1 sports. He obviously has experience as a player and then being around the game as a ESPN employee. My main issue is always how do you legally with title 9 pay mens football and mens basketball and not pay for the equivalent womens sports? I feel especially in todays enviroment that it would be an awful look and also legal issue to pay men and not women. If you are pro paying players what do you think legally can be done? I have always been on the side of "free" college being very valuable and that for most athletes it is a great deal. I have a hard time believing the back up center at Ball St is being taken advantage of when you consider what the average student graduates with in terms of debt. I also think there is a marketing value attached to being a D1 athlete. What are the chances you make the NFL or NBA without being exposed via D1 sports? Some basketball players have went overseas but it has been minimal. Furthermore I think this is an NFL and NBA issue as they are the ones restricting players from entering their leagues based on age. I think an MLB approach is probably best where you can go pro but if you enter college you stay for 3 years. Anyways, to the point at hand; how do we pay mens players legally? 


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