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September 21, 2017 at 9:30pm


I am trying to cut my cords on traditional cable and switch to cheaper sports options. I currently have spectrum and costs an exuberant $150 along with internet. I mostly watch college football, NFL, BTN(big10 channel), NBA, MLB. The last two I get into big time from playoffs, otherwise I generally browse first to find these on whatever channels they come on, and yes, including espn. I indulge in a bit of european soccer too. Apart from sports, the only channel I might miss will be WOSU for their british TV series and I am okay catch them in either netflix(which I have) or anywhere else, even if it comes out late.

I am very open to streaming TVs like sling TV, youtube TV and now that Hulu has their live TV come up, wanted to also what their sports options are. $40 is the max I am trying to pay for my sports craving.

What do you guys suggest? Much appreciated.

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