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Why is College Football Better Than the NFL?

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September 21, 2017 at 2:17pm

I work at a chemcial plant in Belpre, Ohio as an engineer. Most of my engineer co-workers; however, are from big cities outside the state (Buffalo, Pittsburgh, and Chicago, just to name a few). The guys I talk to at work are all huge sports fans, and their biggest shock upon arriving in Southeast Ohio was how seriously everyone takes college football, and how the NFL is more of something you casually watch on a rainy Sunday. In fact, one of the guys got engaged shortly after moving here and invited people from work to his wedding. Which, by the way, was a Saturday in September. Being born and raised in Ohio, I knew the wrath this poor man was about to endure. He was in utter shock in how seriously people from this area treated not just college football, but college sports in general. This man happens to be my office mate and a few days ago, he asked "So what is it about college football that is so much better than the NFL?" I gave him a few reasons and he nodded his head in agreement and said he would give college football a chance. 

I would love to hear all of your opinions and what you would say if you were in the same position!

My reasons I gave him:

1) Every game in the Top 25 matters. It's hard to get into a Panthers vs Bills game when you're a Browns fan. But in college football, it is ALWAYS possible to validate why a Top 25 game matters for the Bucks. "Oh, Kansas State is playing. We need them to lose because that hurts Oklahoma's resume." Things like that. Makes it much more entertaining to watch a game when they can all matter in the end. 

2) Love watching the different styles go head-to-head. In the NFL, all 32 teams run similar schemes. I know there are differences, but it is not nearly as obvious as watching Ohio State play a whole game out of the shotgun, while Michigan is using 3 TE's on some plays. Adds an element to the game that, for some reason, really intrigues me.


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