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Yes, PSU Coach James Franklin is a Bad Person

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September 17, 2017 at 4:40am

Leading 56 - 0 with 11 ticks on the clock, Franklin displayed his characteristic lack of sportsmanship by icing Georgia State's kicker. Then, he lied about it.

Why GSU was bothering with a 31-yard FG attempt under the circumstances is also open to question. What isn't, is that Franklin called a last second time out as the GSU kicker booted the ball through the uprights. After PSU replaced its 4th string FG team with the 2nd team, the re-kick went wide right. The folks in Happy Valley reacted as you might expect -- deliriously.

Asked about the decision in the post-game presser, Franklin denied icing the kicker, saying: “We had our 4th-team field goal team out there, and we don’t even have a field goal block for them. Called the timeout to get 2nd team in there. That's what happened to be honest with you.”

Note to self: When Franklin says "to be honest with you" that means he's lying. If he wasn't simply trying to maintain a shut-out, what difference would not having a FG block have made? There's also the obvious question of why you call them a "FG team" if they aren't capable of blocking a kick. He wanted the bagel -- just own it.

By contrast, I was glad to see Urban Meyer line up in the victory formation against a game, but over-matched Army team. You know the backups wanted to score, and probably could have, but you know -- sportsmanship.

Of course, I could be all wrong about this.

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