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Comment 13 Apr 2018

Nice work today, Gen'l.

Skunk Baxter is a very interesting man. I real rocket scientist, IIRC.

But, alas, his nickname is not related to the same Skunk as is today's topic. More of a personal hygiene thing. That album title is ironic, no?

Comment 07 Apr 2018

Nice work today, Gen'l. I saw Hall & Oates one time, at Cobo in Detroit, must have been Winter of '77. They were at the very top of the heap right then.

Here's another band from that era that I always thought Hall & Oates were emulating. Or, maybe it was the other way around. This album was also released in 1976. Holy Mustaches Batman!

Comment 05 Apr 2018

In Sergio's case, it was "I hit my 12th shot on the green and one-putted."

Not sure which is worse. We used to call that "whipped cream on sh^t".

Comment 25 Mar 2018

Birthday bump for Sir Elton John. Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour goes around the world from September, 2018 to July, 2019. Before that, Vegas and some other gigs. https://www.eltonjohn.com/tours