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The Rebirth of Texas Football

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August 21, 2017 at 2:36pm

Pretty good read on Herman and his new program.  Not sure I've ever heard of a coach's key to success being "love", but Herman is no ordinary coach.

 This year's recruiting class was born in 2000, and Herman is quick to point out that since they were 12 years old, those players have seen only five teams win the national title (Ohio State, Clemson, Alabama, FSU, Auburn).

Meanwhile, they've seen Texas go 41-35, with two winning seasons in the last six years.

He traded emails with the administration about this particular hallway, where old flooring was peeling at the edges and was full of mold. They weren't moving fast enough, and in Herman's mind, that's losing.

So he bought the flooring himself, then spent the night tearing up the old stuff.

[P.J. Locke] left his bottle in the lounge and didn't clean up after himself and keep the lounge clean for the rest of his teammates. He left his water bottle, the one piece so important to Herman and McKnight (see: hydration) that it may as well be another appendage.

So there was Locke the next day, at four in the morning, doing air raids on the practice field. Every five yards an up-down, and Locke went 200 yards.

Later that day, he had to clean the weight room with 409 and a rag. Every weight, every station.


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