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Comment 21 Apr 2019
Oh, please. Try to use better logic than that. Hypocrisy would be me ranting about Paris Johnson above and then pleading for the whining to end below. Not even close to what I did here. It requires a comment to point this out - that doesn't make it hypocritical. For the sake of my original point, this will be my last reply. Couldn't let this terrible logic live.
Comment 21 Apr 2019
Thanks for your contribution. Yes, it takes another opinion to point this out, but I'm far from alone and my opinion falls in line with the original intent of these threads. And, I wouldn't consider three sentences ranting...
Comment 21 Apr 2019
25+ new comments and not a single update. Honestly, people, I don't care for your opinion on how a recruit handles their business. It's all fair game, so deal with it and please let these threads be about news and not about ranting.
Comment 19 Apr 2019
Think you're reading into it too much. The dude is homesick. It happens. Unfortunately for us, it leaves us depleted, but it's pretty clear this had nothing to do with football.
Comment 12 Apr 2019
Not sure he was ever a principal in Dublin. Regardless, here's the Holtmann expressing his gratitude for this good man. Prayers up for all those who now have a void in their lives, and I'm guessing that's a lot of people.
Comment 07 Apr 2019

So you'd rather be exposed on the biggest stage rather than be competitive in a semifinal. Is it because you'd rather make the title game or just because of the nature of the loss? If the latter, I'll have to wholeheartedly disagree with you there. I will take a competitive, heartbreaking loss any day over getting depantsed by the opponent, which is really even more heartbreaking for me.

Comment 05 Apr 2019
I suppose, but when it comes to the big screen, pigs will fly before I'll allow a slight camera movement to ruin my enjoyment of an otherwise entertaining flick. Guess that's just me, though.
Comment 04 Apr 2019

Frimmel will find its faults regardless of how well its received. If, then.

Comment 29 Mar 2019
Usually the OP provides the photo and a prize for the winner. If you offer us a Cameron Mitchell gift card, I might partake.
Comment 28 Mar 2019
He tweeted that Ramzy is high on the list. Not sure what he's got on him other than Ramzy calling out that he's a trash human being. Personally I felt Ramzy got way too much praise for his JT fluff piece blaming all of JT's shortcomings on the receivers, but that's likely besides the point.