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Comment 9 minutes ago
Yeah, man. Your perspective is undoubtedly the best one...says you. You must feel a sense of empowerment and satisfaction when you're able to be all up in your feelings on the internet. The thing I hate about the internet is that it changes people. I bet you're actually a decent dude in real life, but choose to be condescending behind the keyboard for some reason.
Comment 9 hours ago
The best decision possible would have been to offer Holtmann that money the first time (especially if you think he's that good) rather than going to an awful plan B. As usual, you're a real gem, Todd. Keep it up. Wouldn't want you any other way.
Comment 20 Sep 2019
Give credit where it's due - he certainly deserves it. If it wasn't for McDermott turning him down, though, Holtmann wouldn't be coaching here. Props to Gene for recognizing the talent, though, and circling back to open up the pocketbook.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
The 3rd catch on the sideline was most impressive, but creating that much separation on the TD was also nice. Then on the 4th catch, he made that dude look silly on the run after catch. Terry can do it all.
Comment 31 Aug 2019
Plus the new redshirt rule makes it more feasible to let a young kid play over a veteran with a nagging, albeit minor, injury against the weaker opponents.
Comment 30 Aug 2019
Annual bump. Still the best there is. Also: LET'S GOOOOOO
Comment 29 Aug 2019
When I was looking into the options, I would have chosen Playstation Vue. I think it was the combination of available channels (sports and major networks) and recording capacity. Once I catch up on my DVR'ed shows, I'll be leaving DirecTV.
Comment 29 Aug 2019
I find it ironic that you are "A Lover of College Football" but want to boycott both the SEC and ACC networks. A true lover of college football would just want to watch some football. Time to get over it, whatever "it" is.
Comment 27 Aug 2019

It does seem like the Steelers have gone above and beyond their required duties here. I'm a Packers fan and I know there have been a few career-ending neck injuries (Nick Collins, Johnathan Franklin, Jermichael Finley) where the team essentially cut them with no further support.

Don't worry about the title. You were excited to see the guy tossing around the pigskin. No harm in that.

Comment 27 Aug 2019

You had my hopes up there for a bit with something more. Pretty cool, but still eye-opening what this game can do to a man. I'm just happy the dude is walking - what a relief. Will always have much respect to the Steelers for taking care of Ryan.

Comment 26 Aug 2019

Ramzy also chose to die on the JT Barrett-lovefest hill and bash the WR room at the same time (ya know, the same guys that were the strength of the team last year...and it wasn't just because Hartline showed up).  I enjoy Ramzy's pieces, but some of his opinions are definitely questionable. Personally, I love Herbstreit as a broadcaster and analyst and I feel like he is the epitome of what those roles should be.

Comment 24 Aug 2019
Just finished season 3 and really enjoyed it, moreso than season 2. This series is great and love that they're going 4-5 seasons and calling it quits. Many shows overstay their welcome and end up putting out bad content.
Comment 23 Aug 2019
I didn't have to do any mental gymnastics, Todd. Staff members here all but confirmed it back around the time that SEC bagmen article came out. I think you're being incredibly naive here, but it wouldn't be your first time, so that's not too surprising.
Comment 23 Aug 2019
Maybe not that figure, but let's not pretend Ohio State is innocent when it comes to bagmen. Clemson/SEC-bashing is pretty old at this point. I get it, though. Whoever is on top that isn't Ohio State will receive the same treatment. Rinse, repeat.