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Comment 19 Nov 2019
I'm going to back out of this convo after this comment, but come on man. Poster above already explained why Sheffield is far from anyone you should consider a success or even on the way to success. Taver was Sheffield's coach 1 of 2 seasons he was here. And Zach Smith was not the reason Thomas didn't get the ball enough. Thomas was an elite talent while Zach was here, and while I'm convinced that has nothing to do with Zach, it would be a better argument than the one you're trying to make. Anyways, back to recruiting!
Comment 19 Nov 2019
Did Tua even have a hip injury before causing him to be hobbled or was him being hobbled due to his ankle? I don't know the answer, but you can't really use this argument if he didn't have a prior hip injury. Injuries can happen at any moment, you can't live in fear of them. I just read the comment below mine. I don't think Tua was escaping that pressure regardless of being hobbled or not.
Comment 18 Nov 2019

Yeah, but they took advantage of their opportunities. And, they still count. You could make pretty good counterpoints to each of your points. A lot of sports is about player talent and coaching, but there is almost always an element of luck involved and you could nitpick every single title in sports if you really wanted to.

Comment 16 Nov 2019
If Baylor wins out, they'll get in. No one believes they will, though.
Comment 16 Nov 2019
As a fan, I thoroughly enjoy the big OOC matchups. I thoroughly enjoy being in the playoff even more, though. Sounds like Urban Meyer feels the same way.
Comment 16 Nov 2019
Yeah it's really pointless unless you are on the fringe and need SOS to boost your resume. I'd rather schedule a cupcake and go for the undefeated season than risk a loss against a good OOC opponent.
Comment 12 Nov 2019
Many people assumed Hoak would eventually be the backup as the season wore on. I was not one of them. Give me upvotes.
Comment 05 Nov 2019 does a nice job of consolidating numerous ticket sites into one view. I think StubHub and Ticketmaster are excluded from their view, so I check those separately.
Comment 04 Nov 2019
Not sure why anyone's hopes changed after an interview with Angulo that only said he still talks to Ohio State coaches. If we landed every kid we talk to, we'd be oversigning by about 60 players every class.
Comment 03 Nov 2019
Bijan not contacting Ohio State is not the same as Bijan not talking to Ohio State. All this confirms is what AE already said: the communication is one-sided. But of course Bijan says in an interview that he still talks to Ohio State coaches and the fanbase goes nuts and assumes he's flipping to the good guys.
Comment 02 Nov 2019
I use blooom for my 401K at $10/month. It paid for itself with the hidden fees it found. I have a 20% ROR in 2019, but I believe the market has done well, so I'm not sure how that compares to the market overall.
Comment 01 Nov 2019
YouTube TV is $50/month. I was paying more than double that with DirecTV, and that's after bugging them for promos all the time. It has all the sports channels (minus NFL Network, not needed anyways since FOX now owns rights to TNF). As for the kids, only channels we don't have are the Nickelodeon channels, and we don't even miss them. Have all the Disney channels along with Netflix/Prime and the PBS Kids and DisneyNow apps on the Roku (both free). I think the majority of people find what they're giving up to be well worth the cost savings. Do you really use 80% of what you currently have? I'd challenge you to take a hard look at YouTube TV and figure out what you'd be missing. I think you can add HBO for like $10.
Comment 31 Oct 2019
What exactly leads you to believe that anyone here is lying or wrong? Bijan said that he talks to the staff frequently and Birm/AE said the communication is one-sided, meaning Bijan likely never initiates the communication. Honestly nothing that Bijan said in that interview leads me to believe anything that Birm or AE said is inaccurate.
Comment 31 Oct 2019
That's not a YouTube TV limitation, that's a FOX limitation. They broadcast to every platform in 720p, including cable providers. In fact, most stations max out at 1080i with many others broadcasting in 720p as well. While most TVs are capable of 1080p, you aren't getting that resolution from any major stations regardless of provider.