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Comment 02 Apr 2020
Yeah, still not doing it. It's hard to paint a pretty picture around that depth chart right now. Clemson would be idiotic to not hammer that in Egbuka's recruitment.
Comment 27 Mar 2020
You also may be eligible for unemployment even if you wouldn't normally be eligible. And yes, it sounds like you'll benefit next year from the tax credit.
Comment 26 Mar 2020
If the results are already final like it appears, then Mangold won. Not that he should have. Stuff like this based on Twitter polls is much more a popular vote (advantage: Mangold) than anything else.
Comment 21 Mar 2020
Taking more videos of the kids playing together. I used to do this a lot and then fell off with it. I like to make a year-end summary video each year with pics, vids, and of course some tear-jerking music. I know we'll appreciate all of this greatly when we're older.
Comment 16 Mar 2020
People are laughing at this, but just a couple threads ago a man was upvoted for saying that UNC will soon be competing with Clemson, who is in fact beating Ohio State both on the field and in recruiting.
Comment 12 Mar 2020 You can compare any Roku devices on their website. There's a lot to like about the Ultra. The biggest selling point for me was the ethernet port for a wired connection. It also has the best remote in the streaming business. 4K support. And I've used the Remote Finder feature several times already as it's much easier than guessing which couch cushion it fell between.
Comment 12 Mar 2020
I believe we also have a fellow 11Wer who lives in Italy, IL_Padrino or something like that. I pray he and his family are doing well.
Comment 09 Mar 2020
I think your general disdain for anyone whose opinion differs from yours and your self-righteous attitude towards them is a poor representation of humanity, let alone the OSU fanbase. I think it's clear I'm not alone in thinking that.
Comment 09 Mar 2020
Who cares? It's fans projecting on a discussion board. If a player's uncle wants to get bent out of shape over what's being said on a discussion board, then they've got some bigger issues of their own.
Comment 06 Mar 2020 "Note about recordings: In certain rare cases, if you've recorded a program that's also available on-demand at the time you're watching, recorded content may still have unskippable ads. This is because the network requires the video on-demand version to be played back instead of your recording. However, for the vast majority of networks, you'll be able to watch a recorded version by default, and can skip ads."