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Trouble in Gator-Land?

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January 27, 2017 at 12:47pm

Interesting thread at SECRant, alleging shenanigans in Gainesville:

They literally aren't getting any of their remaining targets and will be lucky to hang on to what they got. They got exposed in South Florida for cheating and now nobody wants to touch them. 

Total disaster unfolding in that shite hole right now. Anyone and everyone is running. Nobody wants to be associated with them right now. Things are about to get very nasty with the NCAA. A recruit has a video of two UF assistants offering cash

Going to get interesting. The Homestead staff banned UF from their campus. Now, a video has been provided to the NCAA showing exactly why. Could be a death penalty situation. No school has ever been busted for such a blatant violation. 

Smh we probably didn't offer enough cash. This staff just doesn't get it man. 

LOL, you offered plenty. The problem is, you offered it to a kid that doesn't play that game, and that kid and his school turned UF in. Everyone is finding out about this now, which is why everything is imploding. 

I believe the Homestead coach went public about banning UF from campus on Twitter last week. The video isn't going to be made public. That's been sent directly to the NCAA. Kids are talking about it like crazy though. That's why Herbert committed to Miami. That's why Henderson is coming to Miami. That's why Edwards won't visit UF this weekend either and will sign with Miami. 

Don't worry, the donkey will be gone within a week. Only problem is, no coach worth a damn is going to want to touch that program. Guys just got cavalier and sloppy

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