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March 28, 2014 at 8:20am

Preditions on tonight's Vols vs Skunks matchup? And who are you pulling for......besides maybe a nuke dropping on the building?

As a Knoxville resident I thought this would be a super easy choice but I'm torn. I $%^@$^ hate Michigan but if I have to hear one more hilljack cry about the SEC being underrated as a conference this year and thump their chest about having all "their teams" still in the tourny......

It's been pretty hilarious to down right unreal to see the complete 360 Vol fans have made over the past week. From signing a petition to bring Bruce Pearl back, calling for the AD's head after Pearl went to Auburn, to now denying they were ever routing for the team to fail.  I'm telling you for over a month Vol fans were praying the team lose down the stretch so they wouldn't make the tourny and Cuonzo Martin would be fired to get Pearl back.

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