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Streaming Games in 4K (YouTube TV)

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August 10, 2022 at 7:09pm

I've recently upgraded my TVs (and cables) to 4K 120Hz, so I'd love to catch some games in 4k if possible.

While I am interested in YTTV's 4K experience since I already have the base package, I am open to hear other ways to stream 4k if you have experience with others!

YTTV offers a 4K package now. At $20/month extra, it's pretty steep, but they do offer a 30-day trial which I'll definitely be checking out when the season rolls around. Has anyone tried this package? How was it? I also am curious if there is a 4K ABC channel (ND game)? They list ESPN, but not sure if that includes ABC as they don't explicitly list ABC.

I've also read that YTTV subscribers can stream FOX games in 4K directly from the FOX Sports app for free, so that's something I'll be checking out as well. Does ABC or other networks offer something similar or no?

A bit off-topic, but I would consider myself a techy guy, and the amount of upgrades and configuration needed to get everything 4k-ready seemed kinda crazy. (I know the Roku only supports 4K @ 60Hz, but I'm future-proofed.) There's NO way the average user would know to do all of this:

- 4K TV
- 4K 120 Hz cables (certified)
- 4K-capable device (Roku Ultra)
- Roku display configuration
- TV Port configuration
- TV Display configuration

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