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Yellowstone 1883. Let's Discuss Episode 5 The Fangs of Freedom. (Warning: SPOILERS)

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January 3, 2022 at 2:43pm

Now that S4 is done with the original.  We can turn our attention to the origination story.  What do you all think so far?

I really like it, but I'm not a good judge because I'm sucker for a good western.  I like that Taylor Sheridan's absolute fanatical dedication to historical realism shows through.  I also like that unlike most storylines, its not about marshalls and outlaws.  Its about immigrants.  those stories, in reality, were much more numerous than the Billy the Kid gunfighting stories and Cowboys and Indians stories that were all that Hollywood ever produced.  

It dropped this week in place to of E4; so I highly recommend the episode "behind the making of 1883."  It gives you a really good idea of what went into this production.  There are also minor background stories that some of the actors tell about their characters.

History is doomed to repeat itself because its never taught correctly.  This is truth through fiction.                           ------Taylor Sheridan

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