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Things to Do in the Indianapolis Area?

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February 25, 2020 at 9:27am

Hello fellow Buckeyes,

So this Saturday a few of my friends and I are going to a Butler basketball game. We are all either just out of college or about to finish. I’m obviously a Buckeye fan and one of my friends is a Bearcats fan (I know I know), but we are starting a tradition of seeing college b-ball games at historic/interesting areas and arenas. Butler is the first of said tradition.

Anyways, that’s the backstory. We are looking for things to do/places to eat in the Indianapolis area since we’re planning on going up early to make the trip an all-day thing. Heck, if there’s things to do around Butler in general I’ll take it but I’ve heard that it’s hard to find much else other than frat parties which we are very content with not going to lol.

I figured since we are fans of THE Ohio State University that many of us would have plenty of experience around the Indianapolis area, particularly around B1G championship time, so I’m sure somebody will have something to say :)

Feel free to share any thoughts you have! Go Bucks.

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