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Don't Ever Contact Players, Especially to Dump on Them

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October 21, 2019 at 3:10pm

So, I realize that many, probably most, of you take joy at Michigan losing vs. PSU this last Saturday. And I also realize that most of you would rather see ND win this Saturday. That's to be expected.

However, there has been some real ugliness among Michigan fans in response to the loss, and to the team's play this year. I frankly can't stand to read some of the things posted by Michigan fans on Michigan sites. (Perhaps one of you who especially loves schadenfruede can cut and paste some of this stuff.)

Right now, everything is good as gravy for OSU. Be happy for yourself. Maybe it will last forever. But the reality is that eventually, probably, there will be a negative spell for OSU football. And that brings me to this, the point of my post:  in your fandom of OSU, always remember:

  1. Don't ever base your sense of happiness and self-worth (and likewise, your sadness and anger) on the results of a bunch of kids playing a game. It is just a game. Get a life, and enjoy the game for what it is. It is out of control if this completely shapes how you feel in the hours and days and weeks after a game.
  2. Don't ever go full negative on the players actually on the team. Several Michigan fans actually reached out to dump on Michigan receiver Ronnie Bell. This is out of line, crosses the line, and should never happen. (This is a corollary of the maxim, don't ever contact a recruit personally.)
  3. Always support your team, no matter what happens. It just isn't pretty or helpful when you dump on the coaches and the players and the school and the refs and the other team, just because you didn't win. Maybe you're disappointed. Believe me, I get it! But don't let your disappointment (and sometimes, your drunken stupor,) lead you to do and say really stupid, regrettable things. It will haunt you and not help you.

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