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Why is Pat Forde on the B1GN

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August 27, 2019 at 10:35pm

I get it, we all have opinions. I no longer watch ESPN daily college football recap shows, instead sink my viewership in a more regionally biased B1GN show. So I watch the B1G Show. Tonight, the crew offered up their conference winner predictions and their 4 playoff team predictions. Everyone on the crew gave Michigan the nod to win the B1G....which is fine. I'll believe when i see it, but whatever. Then they gave Pat Forde the stage. His breakdown was as follows, with a bit of paraphrasing: Michigan wins the Big 10, this year, because if they dont, look out in Ann Arbor, this offseason...What? Forde's playoff 4 teams are Alabama, Georgia, Clemson and Oregon.
I feel i could get better CFB talk from the roofer I'm standing behind at the Circle K in Findlay at 6:30am, as we are trying to figure out if we have enough cash for the 3 Monster drink deal + a pack of smokes..
Forde said Michigan looks great, which they may be...but I'm 100%certain that if Michigan is good enough to beat Ohio State, this year, they are going undefeated in the B1G and thus making the playoffs.
Forde irritates me for some reason.
Am I alone wondering why Forde has a job in Chicago?

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