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I Joined the Navy 23 Years Ago and Retired Last June...AMA

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April 10, 2019 at 8:12am

Good morning folks! I left good ol' Columbus on April 10, 1996 to join the world's finest Navy. While thinking about things this morning here are a list of fun facts about me.

  1. I was in the second Young Scholar's Program class, but got caught up partying and lost my scholarship.
  2. I sucked at HS baseball but still (somehow) got a recruiting letter from Sparty.
  3. I was invited to join the Nation of Islam but joined the Navy instead and had a friend disown me.
  4. While on my first ship, I had a Senior Chief who also went to Brookhaven. He took me under his wing, and we both got in trouble during the 1997 edition of "The Game". He sucessfully convinced the head cook (I was doing food service duties as part of my new check in stuff) to let me wear a Buckeye jersey.
  5. One of his buddies from Brookhaven was my Department Head at my third Command!
  6. I served on 5 ships, all out of Norfolk, Virgina. 
  7. As a matter of fact, all my commands where either in Norfolk or Virginia Beach, with the exception of all my service schools, which were in San Diego. 
  8. I dropped out of was asked to leave Ohio State with a 0.00 gpa.
  9. During my time in the Navy, I wanted to be a rapper. So much so that the older guys would bust my ass for not learning my rate (mos for you other guys); I had an audition with a famous rapper from Columbus, but the guy who was standing my duty on a Saturday so I could go home backed out. (Thank goodness!)
  10. I graduated from Toledo with a 3.68 GPA which would have been higher but they factored in my service schools as credits with no GPA attached. The Mod Squad helped me out a lot.
  11. In my spare time, I did mortgage loans but just quit to go for my MBA.
  12. I retired as a Senior Chief (E-8) with 22 years, but knew from the time I was a Second Class that E-8 was going to be my terminal pay grade. The Navy promotion system is weird.
  13. I estimate that at one point, I was probably in the top 25% of runners country-wide in the Clydesdale category.

Alright, Instead of 23 facts, I'll stop here, so...ama!

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