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Comment 16 Jan 2018

I was entered into a Nathans regional competition in Norfolk once. The winner went to NYC for the big one. For practice, I made two dozen hot dogs, made it to about ten and quit. Not because I was full, but my jaw was tired from chewing. 

Comment 14 Jan 2018

Great find! It seems like we got a good one, and recruiting should be easier here!

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Oh man. I know the feeling about a screwed up clearance, and a botched screening.

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Better days are coming. Just pick up your chin, and grin, and say....tomorrow, tomorrow...

Comment 10 Jan 2018

Jumping in here; as a Senior Chief, who did dumb shit as a young man, but nothing mast-able, PLEASE DO NOT REFER TO THAT POS AS A CMC. Please call that dude what he is, an E-9. (FWIW, as a Chief, Senior Chief or Master Chief, that is the worst thing you can be called.)

That being said, your daughter, and every Sailor, deserves better from their Shipmates. My blood is boiling right now. Out of curiosity, can you PM me with that E-9's name or what command it was?

Comment 07 Jan 2018

I kind of lucked out, since they changed it when I still had a minimum f five years to go; I re-enlisted on shore for six, and transferred it over. I am currently on a one year extension, and then my command asked me (??? weirdly) to do a one month extension to help them out manning wise and keep my billet on the planned rotation. All paperwork is in, and all messages are back!

Comment 07 Jan 2018

Oh yessir! Great school! My academic advisor was amazing, and most of my instructors (really except for one) where great.

Comment 07 Jan 2018

I see a ton of mock drafts with him as a first round pick. I didn't watch a ton of him this year, but from what I understand, he worked with a QB guru to improve his accuracy. Sometimes stats lie; for example, for the first 10 years Eli Manning was in the league, I would guesstimate 1/2 of his interceptions were because of his receivers. Was this the case with Jackson? Was it a result of lesser talent around him? I hope this kid does great in the league.

Comment 07 Jan 2018

I wish I could have hang out longer!  Thank you! Trying to get to a game and back to Cali next tear.