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How Much Would You Pay for Just ESPN Programming

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March 14, 2018 at 6:16pm

With cord cutting so popular and many people moving to streaming based services, ESPN has taken a beating. Their revenue has dropped, and they have been letting people go at alarming rates

You would think that they would get ahead of this by creating their own streaming service cutting the cable companies out of the picture, like CBS and others. I know you can get the content on PS Vue, SlingTV and others, but you still end up with more than just what you want, and paying probably more than just the price of ESPN. I have wondered if ESPN would actually increase their revenue if they had their own service, which might bring in people that won't pay for the larger services, but still would watch their content if it were available. 

So the question is, what would you pay just for streaming ESPN content including

  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3 (streaming content)

I'm not including the $EC Network here, but I suppose another question would be what would you pay for conference specific content like SEC, BTN, etc if you were able to stream it totally separately. 

Me, for ESPN only content, I would probably pay what I would pay for Netflix, maybe a little more. I'd go as high as 12.99/mo. I would turn it off during non-football season most likely. For BTN, I would pay 4.99/mo and I would also not pay outside of football season. 

What say you?


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