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Dave Brandon's dream home for sale in Ann Arbor

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May 16, 2016 at 9:52pm

Ok, I have looked through all the relevant forums and did a search. This better not be a duplicate.

Credit to Mgo.

Dave Brandon's Frank Lloyd Wright style home is listed for sale in Ann Arbor. For almost $7M. It is an incredible place, with stunning views of the Huron River from a hillside(Barton Hills, $$$) and is a truly custom home. Besides the usual wretched excess(after three living rooms, what do you call the fourth one), it boasts an incredible workout room, locker room and adjacent office filled with Michigan paraphenalia. huge indoor spa overlooking the view, a wine cellar complete with Bo Schembechler wine, and on and on.

The Frank Lloyd Wright style was adopted, I'm sure, from his days at Dominos. Dominos headquarters, at Dominos Farms is a giant Frank Lloyd Wright building as Tom Monahan, the founder of Dominos, is a FLW groupie.

Anyway, what is funny is the name of Brandon's estate. Ever After.  And the following plaque on the opposite side of the gate. Truly a Michigan Man in every sense of the label.

Except they are now moving out.

Here is a link to the MLS listing. Click on additional pictures in the listing to open an album of photos....too bad he lost that AD gig....


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